Pacifism will always be a powerful moral force, even – perhaps especially – to the Dorsai. For those of this planet of warriors born and bred are not as other men;. 1 reference. imported from Wikimedia project · English Wikipedia · title. Lost Dorsai (English). 0 references. genre · science fiction literature. 0 references. novella. Lost Dorsai [Gordon R. Dickson, Kevin T. Collins] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Pacifism will always be a powerful moral force, even.

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And yet generally I still liked the book. Written with Dickinson’s usual display of talent. This is hardly a surprise considering Gordon Dickson’s past however that is a story in itself and worthy of book all of itself. Sep 11, Erik Wennermark rated it really liked it.

Cover of the first edition. Schatzl rated it really liked it Aug 15, The story takes place on the the world of Ceta, where the Dorsai Ian and Kensie Graeme have taken a contract. Miesel’s mini-biography veered between adoring fan, name-dropper, and unfocused book critic.

He’s intimated that all these are important features of his world, and they interest me, but he keeps replaying the man of war theme without building on any of the others.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I will admit that I am intrigued by the idea that evolution and intentional selection will result in the sorsai race evolving in to different groups not necessarily due to purely environmental influences.

Lost Dorsai : Gordon R. Dickson :

Overall, I was quite disappointed. It mostly seemed surface. Nov 07, Mitchell rated it liked it Shelves: It felt very familiar–I’m pretty sure this is a re-read. It is part of the Childe Cycle. In this case you have different worlds developing different personalities and characteristics dependent on their role in society but I digress. Dec 30, Wilson E. However, the story “Warrior,” was quite good and redeems the work a bit. Virtually nothing happened until page and even then there was almost no action whatsoever.


The latter being a military culture. Really tight political, strategy, anthropology sci-fi novella.

Lost Dorsai

This book consists of two novellas, the first being the Hugo Award-winning novella, “Lost Dorsai”, and then dlrsai classic short story “Warrior. The worst of it was the adulation of Dickson’s research habits, inquisitive demeanor, and ambitions to greatness.

This book is a slim chapter in the saga however I didnt realise there was in fact a number of stories in there. Okay I have been meaning to read more Gordon Dickson’s books for some time, I cannot remember the reason but I remember reading Wolf and Iron only to find that there was a massive 20 pages missing the number was actually a reprint of a previous chapter and it took me years to find another copy and finish reading it.

I suppose you know something is going to happen, it is the way all of the Childe Cycle has been.

I thought “Lost Dorsai” was by far the weakest book I’ve ever read by Dickson, whose writing I normally like. It finished strong though and after it was all said and done, I was happy I’d read it. Important to it is the lack of prejudice.


He was the lost Dorsai. This also contains two stories, although the title story is almost a full novel in itself. They don’t mov Storyline: There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Lost Dorsai pages by Gordon R. But I didn’t like the style of the essay, it was too pat and easy. None of those qualities were evident in “Lost Dorsai” and “Warrior. To ask other readers questions about Lost Dorsaiplease sign up. As much as I’m tired of Ian, I still liked the tone of the story, I just thought the outcome didn’t make sense.

There are also some very neat illustrations, and the article on Dickson is informative even if it doesn’t particularly show him in a good light from my perspective. This book really doesn’t let on to what might happen though.

Lost Dorsai (Childe Cycle, #6) by Gordon R. Dickson

The short story about Ian confronting the not-mobster on Earth actually wasn’t all bad. Again I liked pieces of the story and there were interesting possibilities. Open Preview See a Problem? I’m ready to move on to more on the interstellar economics, other splinter races, and evolutionary implications. Llost the novella and the short story feature Ian and Kensie Graeme and are set earlier in time than the novels that precede this book.

On to the next book, The Final Dorsqi.