LOGIX si OVERVIEW. The Logix si is a two-wire, mA input digital valve positioner. The Logix si positioner controls single-acting actuators with . Mounting of the Logix si Positioner on a Linear Pneumatic Actuator. ( NAMUR / IEC document describes the setting and use of the Logix si. Available Logix + Models. Part of the versatile Logix positioner series the Logix + and Logix + digital positioners fulfill the ever growing.

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The piezo 510xi electro-pneumatic converter module 3. The grounding screw, located inside the positioner cover, should be used to provide the unit with an adequate and reliable earth ground reference. EEprom checksum error – The checksum of the internal data has become corrupted. This means that the instructions normally include only the directions to be followed by qualified personal where the product is being used for is defined purpose.

Signature test in progress – This is a test initiated by Flowserve supplied software that can only be cancelled by that software.

Tubing positioner to actuator After mounting has been completed, tube the positioner to the actuator using the appropriate compression fitting connectors: Country specific regulations may apply. The Logix si able earth ground reference. When the valve actuator is at the desired position. Check linkages and air supply to make sure the system is properlyconnected. If the Quick calibration switch is set to Jog, the calibration will initially close the valve then cause a small jump in the valve position.


When unpacking, check all delivered oogix and accessories using this packing slip. Stroke the actuator carefully and ensure the follower arm does not interfere with valve parts, actuator or positioner. To correct the condition, adjust the positioner mounting, linkage or feedback potentiometer to ligix the position sensor back into range then restart the calibration. While the calibration is in pro- gress you will notice a series of different lights flashing indicating the calibration progress.

Actuator tubing backward 5.


Command span – Calibration error indicating that the mA signal was below the minimum calibration span. After installation, ensure all screw 5510si are tightened correctly and all moving parts are free from excessive friction.

Disposal of product when taken out of service. MPC active – The command is below the user loix limit for tight shutoff feature. Fit lever arm to positioner shaft.

Flowserve Logix 510si Manuals

Replace electro-pneumatic converter 6. Follower Arm standard 11 Mounting the positioner Figure 7 2. To set these parameters please refer to the appropriate communications tool manual. If you wish you can return this Sensistor product to the manufacturer 510su recovery.

Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. Check cable conductor size, length and capacitance. Now connect the air supply to the filter, which is connected to the Logix Series positioner. To clear the condition use handheld or Flowserve supplied software to reset lgoix MPC if the range is incorrect or adjust the command signal above the specified MPC value.


Don’t show me this message again. Different gain values allow for the best setup of each individual actuator size. IS, NI and explosion-proof versions. Disabled retains the last configuration in memory from the last successful calibration before the switch was set to Disabled.

Startup 3 LEDs on the local user interface. This could cause permanent circuit board damage.

The microprocessor-based electronic 5110si module includes direct local user interface switches 2. The Logix si positioner is installed with a mounting kit according to NAMUR specification to the left-hand actuator support rod. Principle of Operation 5. The StarPac 3 offers repeatability, accuracy and quick system response time with a small footprint and simple installation.

Position Lower – The position has reached or is exceeding a user defined lower travel indicator similar to 5110si limit switch indicator. The complete configuration can be made by DIP switches on the device.

Attach the take off arm to 510di stem clamp bracket and fasten it with a hexagon socket capscrew and a washer. Inner-loop hall sensor not connected 3. With a maximum supply pressure of 6 bar psi a regulator is not required. The positioner passageways are equipped with filters, which remove medium and coarse size dirt from the pressurized air.