Das Rheingold. Music and Libretto by Richard Wagner. First Performance as a single opera. Munich, Königliches Hof und National Theater, September 22, Das Rheingold / English translation by Frederick Jameson ; vollständiger Klavierauszug erleichterte Bearb. von K. Klindworth. URL to cite or. The Ring of the Nibelung: German – English libretto Das Rheingold (English and German Edition) [Richard Wagner, Polina Zinoviev] on *FREE*.

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Bestimm’, in welcher Gestalt soll ich jach vor dir steh’n? For the vain delights of power and sway, thou stakest in insolent scorn love and a woman’s worth? Donner aiming a blow It will serve, scounderel, to crush thee. Having completed his opera Lohengrin in AprilRichard Wagner chose as his next subject Siegfriedthe legendary hero of Germanic myth.

Loge Courage high thy might doth confer; grimly great waxes thy power! The giants advance to claim their reward. But thou in this work hast dreamed of war and arms alone: It was performed, as a single opera, at the National Theatre Munich on libreto Septemberand received its first performance as part of the Ring cycle at the Bayreuth Festspielhauson 13 August My hands and my feet cannot fasten or hold on the treacherous smoothness!

Das Rheingold – Wikipedia

Alberich all has given; now loose, ye tyrants, his bonds! So blesses, in sorest need, the Nibelung now his ring: Woglinde Climb to the ground, then safe wouldst thou clasp me. Wellgunde dives down to the rock. Woglinde lets herself sink to the top of the rock, the foot of which Alberich has reached. Alberich raising himself Am I now free? Er macht sich mit verzweifelter Anstrengung zur Jagd auf: Wandel und Wechsel liebt wer lebt; das Spiel drum kann ich nicht sparen!


Mime ist vor Schmerz zusammengesunken.

Bis in meiner Libertto den geraubten wieder ich halte! Alberich Hielt’ ich dich immer! From the late s a backlash against the tendency towards ever more outlandish interpretations of the Ring cycle led to several new productions in the more traditional manner.

The gods perceive a toad on the rocks, crawling toward them.

Wotan One groans aloud: The scene in changing again passes near the smithies. The Complete Operas of Richard Wagner: Freia is borne away by the hastily retreating giants. When the two gods awaken, Wotan hails the building as a fulfillment of his dreams.

Alberich For your water games is the gold alone good? Long before Das Rheingold was ready for performance, Wagner conducted excerpts of the music from Scenes 1, 2 and 4, at a concert in Vienna on 26 December Wotan So rathe, wie?

Seest thou me, brother?

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Was ein Dieb stahl, das stiehl’st du dem Dieb; ward leichter ein Eigen erlangt? Thief, dost cast in my teeth the crime, so dearly wished for by thee?

Willst du gleich schmieden und schaffen? Fasolt No other, Freia alone! Wilt thou get on?

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Wotan The river maidens? Woglinde Would he be our playmate?


Die dritte, so traut, betrog sie mich auch? Both seize the prisoner, who struggles violently, and librett him to the shaft by which they came down.

From thy hand, Donner, escapeth the hammer! Fricka bang Wotan, Gemahl! Fricka to Wotan See what traitorous knave thou didst trust! Sie necken sich, und suchen sich spielend zu fangen. With howls and shrieks the Nibelungs, among whom is Mime, separate and slip into different clefts in all directions.

Wellgunde Rescue the gold! For other uses, see Rheingold disambiguation.

Wellgunde von oben Woglinde, wach’st du allein? Fafner and Fasolt press toward Freia. Schreckliche Schlange, verschlinge mich nicht! Loge Dich, Mime, zu binden, was gab ihm die Macht?

Das Rheingold libretto (English) – opera by Richard Wagner

Then Fasolt complains he can see the gleam of Freia’s eye through a chink. Helft vor den Harten!

Donner summons a thunderstorm to clear the air, after which Froh creates a rainbow bridge that stretches to the gate of the castle. There is hammering in the realm of Alberich, where Mime has been made to forge a gold net, the Tarncap, which Alberich dons, making himself thereby invisible. Fricka That thou still on the trickster bestowest thy trust!