El barbero de Sevilla, de Gioacchino Rossini. Melodrama Bufo en dos actos. Libreto de Césare Sterbini. Basado en la comedia homónima de Piérre- Agustin . El Barbero de sevilla. Barbero de sevilla. The barber of Seville is an opera bufa in two acts with music by Gioachino Rossini and libreto in. , English, Spanish, Printed music edition: El barbero de Sevilla [music] libreto, Guillermo Perrín, Miguel de Palacios ; editión crítica, Xavier de Paz.

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Storm It is night. Enter the chorus of soldiers and an officer. Quickly come away from here. Ti veggo grasso e tondo Enter the chorus of soldiers and an officer.

Il barbiere di Siviglia libretto (Italian/English) – opera by Gioachino Rossini

Let me show you how it’s done. Perhaps for my purpose you’ve come at the right time. Basiolio enters on one side, Berta on the other.


Oh, moment of love! D’uno mi son servita a mandar de’ confetti a Marcellina.

COUNT Come, let’s see what effect this metal will have on you, some real demonstration of this volcano within you, yes. In confidenza, ha un gran difetto addosso. She is libretto his ward. The old man seeks a wife, and the maiden wants a husband, the one is frenzied, the other crazy, both of them need restraining. Unhappy me, I also feel it and do not know how to escape.

Evviva il buon Dottore! By all I am despised, an old barbfro without a hope, I shall die in desperation. For a doctor of my standing these excuses, signorina, I advise you, my dear child, to invent a little better.

With surprise and with joy I am almost delirious! Go down the corridor, and on the shelf you’ll find everything. Tutti quanti a me davanti! What a wretched life I live! Are the papers prepared?

Finally this lover’s soul begins to breathe again. Other Creators Nieto, Manuel, With love and contentment I am almost delirious!


Entra il Conte travestito da maestro di musica. Vengo a farvi la barba! Don Alonso, whom you see, will give you your lesson.

Oggi non vo’ far barba. In this house I am barber, surgeon, botanist, apothecary, veterinary Il tutore ha cent’occhi Notes Zarzuela in 1 act. None of your libraries hold this item.

END libretto by Cesare Sterbini.


Calling Don Basilio aside, he takes a ring from his finger and motions to him to be silent. Then you shall learn who Don Alonso is. Don’t stay here and kill yourself. Senza un tal ripiego, mi toccava andar via come un baggiano.