Under the Ley General de Electricidad – LGE (General Law of Electricity), . 01 (General Electricity Act) was approved by parliament and entered into force. Access (Article 1 ) – Ley General de Electricidad, No. , July 26, , Art. 53 – Ley General de Reforma de ¡a Empresa Pública, No. , June Ley de Hidrocarburos , law 13 Congreso Nacional de La República Dominicana () Ley General de Electricidad Ley No , law 14 Congreso.

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The main leh of legislation regulating the land jurisdiction are: It replaces Law No. Judicial Power is exercised by the Supreme Court of Justice as well as by other courts created by the Constitution or by enacted laws. Courts of Appeal 2. Courts of First Instance. Case Law Reports and Digests. This Code is a comprehensive law governing matters relating to the protection of children and adolescents, their rights and obligations.

He appoints the cabinet of Ministers who assist him in his function. It completely modified the social security system of the Dominican Republic.

“Law No. General Electricity Law” by El Congreso Nacional de la República Dominicana

Supreme Court of Justice. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. It shares with Haiti the island of Hispaniola, occupying two thirds of the eastern side of the island. You think the powers that be have intentionally made it this erm The main pieces of legislation regulating foreign investment in the Dominican are the following: Justices of the Peace.

Tags for this Thread edenortelegalresponsibilities. The island was discovered by Christopher Columbus inand was named Hispaniola.


It does not include the main codes. General Law on Electricity, No. Supreme Court of Justice [28]. The Justices of the Peace are courts authorized to hear small claim cases.

Resolución de la SIE evitará sobrecostos

The Public Ministry is composed by: Although a Spanish colony, from forward France began to occupy the western side of Hispaniola by taking over large portions of land and converting them into agricultural developments, raising cattle, and stimulating an economy of French commercial goods.

See the Archive Version! The powers of the government are divided into three independent branches: Where is this magical AES Andres plant that will solve all of our energy problems when it goes back on line? Thirteen judges sit at the Constitutional Court elected by the National Council of the Judiciary Consejo Nacional de la Magistraturafor a nine -year term and cannot be reelected.

This code is still in force. The main laws and regulations governing corporations are: They regulate the pollution of soil, water and air; dangerous substances; municipal and housing wastes, sound pollution; and the concession of rights for the use of natural resources, and delimits regions within the country to be protected. Where is the AES Andres power plant?

The President also may enter into treaties with foreign nations and international conventions, but unless it is ratified by both houses of the Congress, the treaty will not be binding on the Dominican Republic. Trial Judges are competent to resolve all issues, which arise during a preparatory proceeding, to conduct the preliminary proceedings, and to dictate relevant resolutions and sentences in accordance with abbreviated rules of procedure.

genreal I got the specifications for the electrical cable and had it installed as well real expensive. The websites make accessible the full text of laws, decrees, resolutions, 15-01 and often court decisions, international treaties, agreements and conventions signed by the Dominican Republic as well as the regulations set in force by the office. When we call Edenorte all they can say when asked when it will be better is, ” I don’t know”.


Someten por fraude eléctrico

Once a bill is approved, it is sent to the President of the Republic for promulgation and subsequent publication in the form established by law. The Constitutional Court Tribunal Constitucional was established by the constitutional reform, to defend the fundamental rights and protect the constitutional order.

Primary Sources of Law 3. The National Congress has constitutional authority to legislate over any matter. Two years later, on August 16,independence was restored and a Second Republic proclaimed. Minors and Juvenile Courts. Oh what a tangled web it weaves! This first volume was followed by two supplements: Bythe Dominican Republic had adopted thirty-five constitutional amendments. Trujillo, and finally democracy to present. Major pieces of legislation regulating the banking and electricifad system of the Dominican Republic are the following: For main legislation enacted which governs the Public Ministry see under Transparencia – Marco Legal.

Administrative Contentious Court [35].

See the Penal Code. Friend of mine had a similar electricidaad just last week and finally went to Santiago and put his arguments to them. The Legal System 2.