LEGO #: The ultimate LEGO Technic building challenge! This cool supercar is full of working features and functions, just like the real thing! Use the built-in. The ultimate LEGO Technic building challenge! This cool supercar is full of working features and functions, just like the real thing! Use the built-in LEGO Power. 65 Items ItemName: Lego Supercar, ItemType: Set, ItemNo: , Buy and sell LEGO parts, Minifigs and sets, both new or used from the world’s largest online.

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Woah, that’s pretty big. LOVE the size, but it just didn’t do much for me since it didn’t have much functionality.

Build the car once using the instructions, and then take it apart to recreate something that challenges your creativity and puts your engineering skills to the test.

We’ve been saying for years that it has been too long since the last Supercar, and we’ve opined at length concerning what we’d like to see in a new one. Makes me want it this much more, one for display and one for parts The doors open and close, the spoiler on its rear can be adjusted for endless tinkering with your LEGO machinery.


Already have an account? As it deploys, it pushes the deck out of the way. This is a VERY good looking car. I was a bit disappointed with the second build, a hot rod as it was rather awkward to tdchnic, but having said that it worked really well.

The box is of the recent “destroy it to open it” variety. I am sure this can be remedied easily though. This set is very good, maybe even the best looking Technic car ever.

The had no motorized functions tehnic. Visually, this car has more in common with the Ferrari Racers models than it does with the older Supercars. I can’t wait to see the new differential. The hood pivots at the front to open. Let’s take a closer look at the functions.

[REVIEW] Supercar – LEGO Technic and Model Team – Eurobricks Forums

The first is that the seats are truncated because the gearbox interferes with the inboard edges. This set has both good looks and good functionality. The next is that the gearbox is not centered in the chassis; it is off by one stud.

Here are some of the smaller details I really like:. Between the scissor doors, the axle, the wheel, and the realistic approach to an actual car, constructing the Supercar can become a project hobby that will stretch both your imagination and your building skills.


Technic sets definitely involve a level of complexity not normally seen legl LEGO, so the company has categorized the Supercar set in the Technical theme group. There is no parts list on the outside of the box. I agree with all your points, and llego add the following to the list: You can explore the operations of steering, suspension, and even pistons within the engine and how they work while this Technic set is mobile.

Lego Supercar (8070)

Ratings and Reviews Write a review. If it were any other color, that would have been a lot better and I would have reconsidered: Most are either black or red. But the functionality seems great and the set looks pretty good even though I usually 8700 like front-engine supercars. I didn’t notice until after my review was posted.

When I buy it it would be the first I’d try. The use of the new panels really improves the appearance of the car. Btw, how does it stand up against Crowkillers’ Lambos?

The instructions for the alternate model are also 3 volumes but must be downloaded. This Supercar turns into various other vehicles as well.