Title in English: Termodynamika a statistická fyzika II. Guaranteed by: Institute of J. Kvasnica: Statistická fyzika: Academia, Praha, L. E. Reichl: A Modern. Title in English: Termodynamika a statistická fyzika. Guaranteed by: Institute of J. Kvasnica: Statistická fyzika (Academia, Praha, ). M. Noga, F. Čulík: Úvod. Kvasnica Statistická Fyzika Ed1 – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online.

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Charles University Information system of Charles University http: Meeting with international participation.

Ideal Bose-Einstein gas Chemical potential, Bose-Einstein fyzikaa, superfluidity, the phonon gas, Einstein-Debye model of solids, photon gas, black body radiation. Phase transitions and chemical equilibrium.

University Study Programmes – VŠB-TUO

The interpretation of basic ideas and laws of thermodynamics is based on its statistical description. Annotation – Czech English. Wiley and Sons, New York The canonical Gibbs ensemble. Phase transitions classification, Clausius-Clapeyron equation, Ehrenfest equations, Landau theory of phase transition, the behavior near critical point.

PřF:F Therm. and stat. phys. – Course Information

Exescises are available at http: Ideal Bose and Fermi gas. The course is oriented on classical thrmodynamics and statistical physics. Some features may not be cyzika.


Conditions of equilibrium thermodynamic system expressed by potentials. Dependence of thermodynamic quantities on mass. Boltzmann-Gibbs definition, kanonical distribution, the law of increase of entropy, configurational entropy, the connection between equilibrium entropy and heat, Third law of thermodynamics.

Systems with variable contents, Grand canonical Gibbs distribution, chemical potential, grand partition function sumFermi-Dirac distribution, Bose-Einstein distribution, electron gas, Planck distribution, Debye theory of heat capacity. Equilibrium and stability conditions. Requirements to the exam – Statisyick.

Microstates, macrostates, ensemble of systems. The main ideas of thermodynamics. Your browser does not support JavaScript, or its support is disabled. Basic concepts and ideas of statistical physics. Thermodynamic properties of photons file. Deterministic methods – molecular dynamics, stochastic methods – Monte Carlo.

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Classical statistical mechanics Macroscopic and microscopic states, ergodic systems and thermodynamic limit. Other applications Course Catalogue Information System.

Classical fyziia of quantum theory, Liouville theorem, density matrix, Liouville equation, equipartition theorem, fermions, bosons. Quantum fyzik mechanics Postulates of quantum statistical mechanics, density matrix, statistical ensembles, the third law of thermodynamics, statistical sum, the saddle point method, the classical limit, ideal quantum gases, Bose and Fermi distribution The theory of fluctuations and equivalence of statistical ensembles Moments of distribution functions, statisttick functions, quadratic correlations, Gibbs and Einstein’s method, thermodynamic limit and equivalence of statistical ensembles, the relation of thermodynamics and statistical mechanics.


Literature – Czech English. Your browser does not support JavaScript, or its support is disabled. The partition function, partition sum integral. Fundamentals of statistical and thermal physics. Izdatel’stvo Char’kovskogo universiteta, Energy, entropy, magnetic moment, pressure. The equilibrion of the system of k-conponents and f-phases. Faculty of Mathematics and Physics.

First law of thermodynamics. Concepts of probability theory and mathematical statistics in statistical physics. Reversible and irreversible processes, the criterion of reversibility of the process. Meeting with international participation. Measurement lvasnica macroscopic parameters temperature, heat capacity, compressibility and relations between it.