Kingsblood Royal, by Sinclair Lewis, free ebook. He was a junior bank officer named Neil Kingsblood, recently a captain of infantry. On their way north, after. This web edition published by [email protected] Last updated Wednesday, December 17, at To the best of our knowledge, the text of this. Kingsblood Royal is a satire depicting race relations, bias and attitudes in Midwest American in the ‘s after WWII. Neil Kingsblood, the protagonist, is a .

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One thing is obvious: Well meaning but acting more like a lamb ready for slaughter, he spends tons of quality time confessing his discovery to kingsbloood town blacks, all shoved over on Mayo Street, far away from the “clean” white neighborhoods. Curtiss, son of the lusty contractor, Boone Havock, had always been a mistake.

Lewis continued his success in the s with Arrowsmitha novel about the challenges royyal by an idealistic doctor.

John William Prutt was president. Very good in an about Very good dustwrapper. Curtiss was, in fact, a nuisance.

Kingsblood Royal

He looked bulky enough and straight-shouldered enough in the rpyal of his hotel room, but he felt bent and cowering as he listened for the telephone. From Neil and Charles Sayward, she kingsblod able to garner sixty-four dollars, but they had not enough silver for change. It shows, there actually has been some growth in the intelligence of bigoted Americans since the time the book has written.

Oh, Vestal, this world is getting too much for a poor rifleman! What a clack-mouthed parrot I was!

Kingsblood Royal, by Sinclair Lewis

He was a mail-runner and he worked some in the Big Woods and he drove the first coach—oh, he spoke English good, I remember that, but he’d yell at the horses in French. What adds to his stature as a novelist is his real understanding of people and his determination to write about things that matter, regardless of the popularity of the topic. The novel was denounced by many kingsbood leaders and banned in some U. And the lunchroom was stinking, an offense against God and the sweet May afternoon.


He still needs to know coping mechanisms for dealing with the racism of others. Now that he saw the disinterring of his royal ancestors as arduous digging, he really began to work.

If the book has page numbers, please include the page number; otherwise please include a significant text string to help kingsblooc to locate the error. He, least prim of all young men, was prim now under a prim cross in a graveyard like a suburban lawn. With that, they forgot the young man, who was neither a shoe-clerk nor more than a quarter Scotch. As they were New Yorkers, only a business trip could kingeblood dragged them into this wilderness, and they found everything west of Pennsylvania contemptible.

I ask for her little ones only a chance.

Publisher’s yellow cloth lettered in red to spine and upper kongsblood, pictorial dust-jacket designed by Nichols with printed price of 9s. No, that doesn’t sound right.

She was at once saying to herself, “I’ve never in my life seen such a circus-clown get-up,” and wishing that her substantial Neil could wear clothes like that and still look romantic. My cousin, Abby Kiphers, was a great hand to save papers, in Milwaukee, the hardware-dealer’s wife, and I’ve already written to her. From the author of the novels Babbit and Cass Timberlane, Kingsblood Royal focuses on the themes of racial discrimination in America.


He had a new, anxious way of watching that Saxon child, and comparing her with her playmates. Kingsblood Royal Lewis, Sinclair Book. Vestal said one brief and extraordinarily unladylike word and went into action. I can’t recommend this book too highly!

Kingsblood Royal by Sinclair Lewis | : Books

Be just too bad if I hand Mac fifty or even seventy-five cents! It was the chain as Gramma Julie had given it to him: Molto Buono Very Good.

Her hands were squarer than Neil’s, which were strong but tapered to slender fingers. Behind it was a hill of heather, and over all a tower, broken and ancient. It’s to Lewis’ credit that the black Americans in Kingsblood Royal kinvsblood never depicted as one-dimensional in the novel. His novel isn’t set in the deep South but in the most progressive region of the Kihgsblood, and what Lewis exposed more than 70 years ago we now have the misfortune to be experiencing in our own times.

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But my own folks, they were French. She knew kingsbloodd he lived on tillalways a mover, and she was certain that he had been the first white man to explore dark leagues of wasteland where now there are farms and villages that were founded on the rock of Xavier’s skill and bravery.

Oh, Edgar would have hated Xavier Pic!