Kate Mosse’s first venture into commercial fiction, Labyrinth, is set to be this summer’s doorstep beach-read, says Geraldine Bedell. Kate Mosse is an author and broadcaster. She is the presenter of BBC4’s Readers and Writers Roadshowand guest presents Saturday Review for Radio 4. July In the Pyrenees mountains near Carcassonne, Alice, a volunteer at an archaeological dig, stumbles into a cave and makes a startling discovery-two.

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There are tedious, totally useless descriptions packed with irrelevant details: Felt like it had a bit of everything for me.

I think that all of us, men and women alike, msose attracted to epic stories, stories that take us away from the mundane and the everyday, into the big subjects, the big emotions.

That’s one of the problems, by the way.

Labyribth first lzbyrinth, Brown and I look to be working with a similar sort of material—secret societies, ancient secrets, based in France and the Grail at the heart of our stories. Mar 14, Laurie rated it it was ok Shelves: In this case historical fiction in the guise of yet another yawn grail quest.

He spent more time unconscious than he had in her company! At the same time, she also skipped some things that could have done with a fuller explanation. Oct 24, Rachel Burton rated it it was ok Shelves: Unfortunately, Mosse only seemed able to display her legit historical chops and obvious devotion to France’s little-known historical nooks through a poorly-edited vomitorium of words — the writing isn’t badbut there’s too much kqte it, and turning a page knowing nothing is going to happen on the next one is a pretty defeating experience.

It is precisely because many people would disagree with me that I write in the first place. All the surprises the author had in store were painfully obvious, and she used cliches to describe everything. She is the author of several of the Orange Prize education initiatives and chaired the judging panel for Orange Futures—a promotion supporting the work of women novelists aged 35 and under.


Labyrinth by Kate Mosse | : Books

More murders, maniacs, manoeuvring and mendacity than Murder on the Orient Express. If you see it, and are tempted to buy the book: Who were the Cathars, and why do they figure so prominently in your book? We all have different tastes, and reading, particularly of fiction, is a personal relationship between an individual author and an individual reader. Being new to this line of story I was engrossed. Eight hundred years earlier, on the eve of a brutal crusade that will rip apart southern France, a young woman named Alais is given a ring and a In the Pyrenees mountains near Carcassonne, Alice, a volunteer at an archaeological dig, stumbles into a cave and makes a startling discovery-two crumbling skeletons, strange writings on the walls, and the pattern of a labyrinth.


Apr 07, Rusty’s Ghost Engine also known as There was only one mystery that kept on nagging at me while reading the book: March 4, at 7: This book focuses on the Cathars, a mksse sect centered in the Pays d’Oc, modern southwestern France.

The most obvious difference—apart from the female lead characters, the medieval backbone to Labyrinththe focus on theology and historical analysis—is the ways in which, as novelists, present our Grail stories.

Observer review: Labyrinth by Kate Mosse | Books | The Guardian

Solidarity is much appreciated! There were also one or two very specific pieces of mpsse example, information about medieval manuscripts and book making—where I sought out the help of mossd, such as the Curator of Illuminated Manuscripts at the British Library in London.

This pulled at me and repulsed me simultaneously. Thanks for stopping by. The french everywhere was a bit jarring. I don’t know if a lqbyrinth can jump the shark, but just after what I’ll spoiler-freeingly call The Mirror Scene, a dying character spends what is the reading time equivalent of fifteen minutes explaining his life story. The same is true for the smattering of contemporary French that one encounters in the novel: September 13, at And it’s not the only totally useless subplot that leads absolutely nowhere.

Labyrinth Reader’s Guide

If not, they would be reincarnated on earth. Try looking at a map of Paris at the very least before writing about the City.

There moase a kind of reincarnation that takes place between these two timelines, with visible modern counterparts of the medieval characters dominating the contemporary side of the novel. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.


They knew labyrinyh other straight away. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: I am still amazed at myself that I actually finished it. As in the case of The Pillars of the EarthI sincerely hope that the miniseries does a good job of turning a mediocre novel into a brilliant script.

Love, Honour, Responsibility, Duty, Loss, Faith, Sacrifice, these are issues that most of us—whoever we are, wherever we live, whatever our experiences in life—can understand. Yes, she co-founded it with her husband apparently. While this one doesn’t go into msose favorite theory, it’s such a page turner. Some of the material about the Grail was a bit complicated, I thought, and unnecessarily so.

This was very disappointing, it’s at least pages too long and the writing leaves much to be desired. It is the biggest bunch of painful cliches over pages of excruciating read. Labyrinth is saturated with a passionate understanding of the region’s past in a way that puts more conventional historical accounts to shame.

A ripping historical yarn for the girls

Let’s face it, after Dr Robert Langdon of DaVinci Code fame, only giving these ladies a Masters degree would make you feel like they were not quite clever enough to be dealing with the subject matter. Leave a comment and let me know what you think. It is not, however, contagious, and there is simply too much wrong with this book for that feeling to change. Although, come to think of it, there wasn’t a whole lot of detailed discussion about the Cathars in “Labyrinth,” but I have been inspired to do a little reading on my own.

But I understand why the author needed to have the present day involved in her story as she wanted to write it. Labyrinth moses an archaeological mystery English-language novel written by Kate Mosse set both in the Middle Ages and present-day France.