They were inseparable – until the day they jumped. Ruth, saved by safety nets, leaves the city. Kari, saved by a sewer, crawls back into the fray of living. Kari features a lesbian woman as its central protagonist. It is a work of art by the exceptionally talented graphic novelist – Amruta Patil. But Kari. Amruta Patil, India’s first female writer-graphic novelist, is quick to counter the trite summary of her debut from Harper Collins, Kari, as a.

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The narrative is very intense and moody.

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Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Omg what a dreamy read this was. Mindfields is a quarterly print journal about ideas and education. It is this lived ache and reality that allows Kari to recognize patiil same in others. The gray and black charcoal drawings paint a dark dank world set in Mumbai.

More of an illustrated novel than a traditional comic. She exposes the construct that is sexuality and the performative aspect to it.

Kari: A Graphic Novel About Lesbianism and Big-City Love | Feminism In India

It is a view of the kind of society we inhabit. May 08, Shabbir rated it really liked it. Angel found it vastly entertaining that young medical school boys would be experimenting with her. The narrator is a 21 yr old woman with a lot of angst, but nowhere in the book is the back story to all this angst explained. The project has changed me, keeps on changing me.


Mar 10, Saumya rated it really liked it. Sep 20, Harshvardhan Beniwal rated it it was ok Shelves: Email Address never made public.

All in all, the novel is one of the most absorbing bundle of papers I have read. Pain and loneliness, and strength. Although Kari is a graphic novel, my analysis has been mostly limited to the text and not the visual aspect to it.

What inspired your first graphic novel, Kari? Susan, Lush against Grecian blue or white. It made for a great vantage point for eavesdropping and watching. Now, almost as a coming-of-age ritual, she has chosen to engage with these classics in her next project, Parva. Do readers expect it to be autobiographical?

Periyar Rally In Trichy: Patiil is honest, moody, intensely personal, and exceptionally confusing. The rest of the essay deals with the crux of my argument, which has to do with the various modes through which Kari negotiates with her own sexuality, while simultaneously revealing the oppressive heteronormative structures of xmruta.

In many ways, Kari embodies the queer state of being. The graphic novel is set in Mumbai and revolves around the protagonist who work in the creative ad agency.


Kari: A Graphic Novel About Lesbianism and Big-City Love

Technically – it is more visually-led than Kari. The way I eat has changed, and the way I conduct myself in the world. Many graphic novels are writer-artist collaborations, but you wear both hats. Visually one may categorize Kari as a young butch and Ruth as a more femme character.

The first time round, she chooses to jump; the second, she chooses not to. Boundaries and their Transgression: Oct 03, Pari rated it liked it Shelves: A peach, for one, creature of texture and smell, sings like a siren. You can go home and wash your feet. And then I step in. The artwork is beautiful and unapologetically raw. The most apt description of this book in a single word is “Raw. I have to say, this is definitely the first time I have read about a lesbian protagonist written by Kari was unsatisfactory in a way because just when I started to appreciate the story and fall in love with it, it got over.