List of computer science publications by Kamala Krithivasan. Array Grammars, Patterns And Recognizers (World Scientific Series In Computer Science). 12 January by Aso Hirotoma and Kamala Krithivasan. Kamala Krithivasan’s research works with citations and reads, including: On Succinct Description of Certain Context-Free Languages by Ins-Del .

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Length Synchronization Context-Free Grammars. Relativised Cellular Automata and Complexity Classes.

Theory Group

Information and Control 22 5: Sakthi Kriyhivasan Muthiah aka: Modelling and analysis of spiking neural P systems with anti-spikes using Pnet lab. Finite Automata and Digital Images. Przemyslaw PrusinkiewiczKamala KrithivasanM.

Kamala KrithivasanMeena Mahajan: Kamala KrithivasanY. Kamala KrithivasanArvind Arasu: On a class of P automata.

DersanambikaKamala Krithivasan: Kamala KrithivasanM. Rahul SanthanamKamala Krithivasan: Gabriele KotsisKamala KrithivasanS.

Array Grammars and Kolam. Masilamani VedhanayagamKamala Krithivasan: Simplified simple H systems.


A Note on Hybrid P Systems. On the study of ambiguity and the trade-off between measures and ambiguity in insertion-deletion languages. Kamala KrithivasanVenkatesan T.

Kamala Krithivasan @ Theory Group, CSE, IITM

Formal Models, Languages and Applications A Perspective in Theoretical Computer Science RamasubramanianKamala Krithivasan: Control Words of Transition P Systems. Generalized normal krithivaswn for rewriting P systems. ShardaSandeep V. Vanniarajan ChellappanKrishna M.

Efficient two-dimensional pattern matching in the presence of errors. ArthiKamala Krithivasan: SubramanianAng Miin Huey: Computer Graphics and Image Processing 1 3: Abstract families of matrices and picture languages. Susan EliasA. Path Planning with Local Information.

Rani SiromoneyKamala Krithivasan: