Ned Kelly’s passionate letter to the press offered a rare insight into his feelings. Ned Kelly’s Jerilderie Letter is not your standard bushranger confessional, it’s a searing document of prophecy and self-mythologisation. State Library of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia. Object Name Jerilderie Letter. Object/Collection Description Only two original documents by Ned Kelly are known.

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Ken GelderUniversity of Melbourne. Heritage Collections CouncilSignificance: In part, he concluded:.

Jerilderie Letter, p. 42

It has farms and a Waterfall, I highly doubt his school years were fraught with literary revelations. Finally finished The Jerilderie Letter – my nonfiction choice for February as part of the book challenge. However, it’s a small one-sided part of a larger, more complicated situation. Jan 31, Valerie F rated it did not like it Shelves: John Rice rated it liked it Jerilderiw 19, We hear the living speaker in a way that no other document lettrr our history achieves He met his end without fear.

Hare was shot in the arm and Ned wounded in the foot, hand and arm.

It thought I was reading a cowboy story. But both Ned Kelly and Joe Byrne could read and write, and wrote letters to the press and others, explaining their situation and calling for justice. All in all this is a worthwhile way to spend a half an hour. It took me a while since not only did I read snippets here and there, but punctuation is almost nonexistent, making it a little more challeng I’m not rating the writing of this letter – a very passionate, angry person dictated it to someone with maybe a 5th grade education, so for me it’s the content that matters, not the prose.


Dan went into hiding; Mrs Kelly, her son-in-law, William Skillion, and a neighbour, William Williamson, were arrested and charged with aiding and abetting the attempted murder of Fitzpatrick.

Brendan rated it really liked it Mar 19, My tentative conclusion would be that neither side was really “right”, one side happened to have the law and possibly higher education on their side, and Ned Kelly was a bit of a hot head who didn’t really do himself any favors.

Immediately after Kelly’s body was taken jerildere from the gallows, his hair and beard were shaved off and a mould was taken of his head by Maximilien Kreitmayer.

Ned returned, still clad in armour, looking huge and grotesque in the early mist. Ned later shot him in the heart, claiming it was an act of mercy.

Written by Ned Kelly in his own words, it captures the essence of the times and the atmosphere in which he was living and in which he died. In Kelly was convicted of petty offences and imprisoned for six months. Wales I do not wish to give the order full force without giving timely warning but I am a Widow’s Sonoutlawed and my orders must be obeyed. Kelly took his document to Jerilderie where he intended to have it published as a pamphlet for public distribution.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. It was very interesting to see the real, raw, unfiltered words of Kelly in contrast to the fictionalised version, particularly seeing that Carey has decided to make him much more sympathetic and sane. He demands that squatters share their property with the poor. Their weapons were the law courts, banks and the legislature. The condition of the object is good given the rarity and fragile nature of the fabric.

Preview — Jerilderie Letter by Jwrilderie Kelly. Wikimedia Commons Is the Jerilderie Letter a bit like poetry? Expert Jerildere Find experts with knowledge in: A former police trooper wrote in a Queensland newspaper:. Other secondary sources might have a different perspective.


Someone told me that it is wrong to think jerilderoe him as a hero. As a teenager he was in with the police and was arrested several times and served time in prison. The text is from a copy of the original letter made in or by a government clerk, and is printed here with such spelling, punctuation, etc, as the clerk or Kelly and Byrne, or all three possessed.

He admits to crimes but claims he was forced into them by a corrupt police force. McIntyre escaped to Jerildreie and reported the killings.

In nerilderie cases small selectors crossed from petty theft to all out bushranging when the police cracked down on cattle stealing.

A guide to assessing the significance of cultural heritage objects and collectionsCanberra. It was still engaging, and I found myself simultaneously feeling sympathetic to his cause while also seeing where he could be completely full of self-justified BS.

Jerilderie Letter, p. 42 | Ergo

He took it to the bank’s head office in Melbourne, where it was lent to the police for Kelly’s trial. One local paper estimated that eight hundred men were ready to support the Kellys, and the sympathy cut across racial divisions, with local Chinese helping jerilderke supply the gang. John Hanlon’s transcription of the Jerilderie letter was purchased by the National Museum of Australia at a Christies auction.