thereby (1) Jamwal and Nisha fall in love while waiting for a traffic light to turn green in Delhi thus begins one of the 15 short stories Jeffrey Archer has gathered. And Thereby Hangs a Tale: Short Stories [Jeffrey Archer] on *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers. Tragic, comic, outrageous―these fifteen tales. And Thereby Hangs a Tale [Jeffrey Archer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book by Archer, Jeffrey.

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Politically Correct I would rate this as an excellent story. When the war ends, the club has lost its records of past membership applications.

So the four stars is more for entertainment value rather than anything else.

And Thereby Hangs a Tale – Jeffrey – PDF Drive

The dramatic events towards the end did not help, either. Furthermore, the fact taoe some of the short stories in this set are true just sweetens the deal a tad bit I’ve always been a fan of Jeffrey Archer’s collection of short stories ever since I picked up “A Quiver Full of Arrows” for my high school subject of English Literature. This time, I did not mind the plot, because — let’s face it — there’s only one way this type of stories would end.

Some of these stories will make you laugh while others will bring you to tears but, once again, every one of them will demand that you keep turning the page until you finally discover what happens to this remarkable cast of characters. I vaguely recalled similar news items for a few of them. The title what attracted me to the book and the book lived up to it.

I pretended I had not and found the story quite enjoyable. The book is a collection of 15 short stories. On the other hand, it was another “huh?! I think writing short stories is the most difficult thing as you have to put everything in a very short space and hence I always admire those authors who manage anx do it well and this is one such book where every story has come out great. I love Jeffrey Jeffrej. Oct 18, Mansuriah Hassan rated it really liked it.


If the trend of him retelling true stories continues, I just hope he meets people with a lot more interesting stories. He ranks high on my jeffrwy of favorite authors of all time Nov 01, Archr rated it it was amazing. Not to say that I like all or even one of the characters in the many short stories; many of them were almost cari As expected from Jeffrey Archer. I would rate it extraordinary. I could answer the question but that would spoil it for a future reader who couldn’t resist opening my spoiler comment.

They seem real and not dipped in frivolity.

And Thereby Hangs a Tale

Feb 05, Golden Chiponda rated it really liked it. Hats off to the real lady in this story. A simple romance, not my cup of tea. I expected a better ending, but it was rather disappointing.

Oct 31, Ankita Arora rated it really liked it Shelves: I listened to the first 2 stories. There are no discussion jefrrey on this book yet. I either want them to be longer Having said all of that, the book is still a good read simply because Archer still hasn’t lost his mastery over words.

Better the Devil You Know I would rate this story as good. Resumindo, um pequeno livro que me acompanhou durante muitas viagens de comboio mostrando-se sempre uma boa companhia.

A couple of stories were just OK, but they were balanced by a couple that were excellent. Growing up a middle-class Canadian, I suppose I’ve achieved a comfortable plateau of earnings and have very little incentive to lust after more. I mean no disrespect to Mr. Dos quinze contos, houve dois que me surpreenderam mais: She and the diamond she fancies are out of his league. To see what your friends thought of this take, please sign up. Return to Book Page.

Most were quite good. All in all a threeby, quick read. To ask other readers questions about And Thereby Hangs hangx Taleplease sign up. I always find Archer’s writing relaxing; his relentless obsession with money – having it, buying status symbols with it, using it to impress and seduce women, losing arhcer and regaining it against all odds – is so overblown and utterly absurd, it’s like watching an episode of Robin Leech’s “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” brought into a tidy jangs format.


I remain happy to buy on-sale bread at Food Basics or No Frills and send my child to the local public school, driving around in my elderly hatchback, rather than perusing the exotic marzipan display at Harrods, putting baby on the list for Eton, and drooling over a Ferrari or Porsche that would cost more to insure for a year than my vehicle therevy to purchase outright Archer’s stories always appealed to me because many of them gave insight into the days and nights of “regular” people.

There are 15 general fiction stories that were enhanced by a good reader.

I liked the pace of these and they had some his magic woven in. All of them are very well written and when people say he is one of the best storytellers of our time, I HAVE to agree. Archer, and I will most certainly revisit his other collections and if he writes another, I will buy it and read it as well.

And the thing that I really enjoyed about this collection of stories was the emotional range they brought me through; from laughter to sadness, from gleeful surprise to gasp-out-loud horror, it’s a ride worth taking for those who love good short stories!

It was how Archer told the story that made it interesting. Sep 01, Dodol Surodol rated it liked it. The problem is that you have to work through an awful hanys of mediocrity to hzngs to those gems.

It’d be tempting to say that since 10 of the 15 works are based on real life, the scope for the twist is limited by facts. A collection of short stories in the same readable style as the Clifton chronicles.