ISO 3864-2 PDF

Learn more about ISO and ISO standards and how they help define safety signs. Use of Safety Symbols in conformance with ANSI Z & ISO ANSI Z encourages the use of safety symbols that communicate a comparable. Adhesive Backed Polyester Labels have been designed to comply with ANSI Z & ISO Standards. These Safety Labels are screen printed with UV .

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Press the label on after applying it to the surface. This includes layouts for product safety labels, information about hazard severity panels safety headersand topics such as the replacement of these labels.

ISO – Wikipedia

In addition, we recommend, when formatting the message pane,l to consider the following practices:. Enter below your Label Custom Header. One or more passes over with a rag or roller will ensure that the label is completely glued on the surface and will not fall off. 38642- Center Company Information. Recommended Label Placement It is well recognized that in many instances, well designed and properly placed safety labels can increase operator and maintenance personnel awareness of the inherent hazards involved when working with machinery.

Design Principles for Safety Ieo and Safety Markings helps to provide best practices for the design of safety identification both in public and in the workplace. Printed image is sealed between 2 layers of polyester.


The first element to consider when designing or selecting a product safety label is to determine the likelihood and severity of a potential injury if a person does not follow the instructions contained on the safety label or sign.

Custom Copy Larger Copy font Arial.

If the surface is painted, paint must be dry. To convey special importance for portions of the message.

Compliance Info: ISO 3864-1 & ISO 3864-2

The safety symbol when selected properly, should identify: Other factors to consider in determining sign size include: JavaScript is not enabled.

They are as follows: The target audiences knowledge of the hazard And the reaction time to avoid the hazard. Digital or Screen Printing Over laminate: All machinery safety decals are available in convenient packages of 5 or bulk packages of Labels are screen printed with UV inks and over laminated with Clear Polyester to ensure a high degree of chemical, abrasion and heat resistance.

No, print my design as closely as possible to what I see on this page. C – Multilingual Warning He…. Letter Size Legibility Determining the safe viewing distance of a sign depends upon many factors: Aggressive solvent based acrylic adhesive with excellent adhesion properties on a broad base of application substrates such as Stainless Steel, Acrylic, Isp, Coated Metals and Plastics.


Yes, improve my design for free. C – Multilingual Danger Hea…. Custom Header Copy font Arial. To view and izo a Informational PDF click on this link: The hazard Identify a means of avoiding the hazard Or identify the consequences of not avoiding the hazard. Scroll down to view material specification and to download our label spec sheet.

ISO & ISO Compliance

Having a unified code for the design of these signs helps to reduce reaction 3864-22 and increase comprehension of these signs. Conform to either curved or flat surfaces.

JavaScript is not enabled. The label image shown to the right is for preview purposes only.

Custom ANSI Z535.4 & ISO 3864-2 Safety Label – C5392, Custom ANSI Safety Labels

C – Multilingual Caution He…. ISO focuses on the specific iiso of product safety labels in addition to the best practices set by ISO Use options below to select upload custom art, or browse thru our safety symbol clipart gallery by category.

Label with Text plus Image.