: Why did you decide to write the iptables reference? Oskar Andreasson: When I started using Linux I noticed a huge black hole in the. More information about Oskar Andreasson and his/her books listed in FreeTechBooks. Iptables Tutorial – Linux Firewall Configuration. Post date: 22 Aug. Oskar Andreasson [email protected] by Oskar Andreasson. Copyright © .. 1. txt.

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What can be done to prevent this? One example would be iptables in the beginning, by today there is a wast amount of documentation and different introductions etceteras. The iptables-tutorial is currently rather stable, and contains information on all the currently available matches and targets in kernelas well as a couple of complete example scripts and explanations.

What I hope that this tutorial do, is that it gives people new knowledge about the Linux firewalling possibilities, how they work, and a general knowledge of how to set it up properly. Then there was problems with the size of the cover generated in their own webtoolsetc.

New version of iptables and ipsysctl tutorials

I believe that this course may actually hold a lot of interest even for the Linux zealots out there who may not have a lot of experience with the console of Linux. Currently there are quite a lot of plans.

I hope that the iptables-tutorial give Linux administrators the possibility to easily learn about netfilter and iptables and in an as complete document as possible. Both iptabls fairly large, and should be able to help you much much better than I can. However, I haven’t gotten very far so far since I have run into problems with the whole deal. For example, Andreasdon had a conversion error between different types of points leading to my pages being 0.


During the time, I was also doing a andteasson of “work” for our site www. Security Highlights from Defcon However, the percentage of users doing the latter is a dwindling small amount of people, I think. Why did you decide to write the iptables reference?

It was available in bookform from Lulu. Open source gives everyone the chance to look at the source code, and it becomes easier to spot errors for a third party, and hence report to the producer.

It contains a complete section oskxr iptables syntax, as well as other interesting commands such as iptables-save and iptables-restore. Only registered users can write comments.


Please login or register. R ecently I had an opportunity to speak with Oskar Andreasson, author of the Linux IP Tables Tutorial Oskar announces his documents after spending the last several months writing and researching the information necessary to provide a Linux administrator with the information necessary to secure his Linux box. Slackware can be a bit hard to do this with, since it has no package system of its own except the old.

On the other side, this may be a oskad thing for the really hard working administrator who wants to keep his packages up to date by hand, and who does it faster than Red Hat and Debian, for example, updates their packages. There was no documentation at all describing how to get started, nor was there any examples available. You may also contact the linuxsecurity mailing list at security-discuss AT linuxsecurity dotcom.

New version of iptables and ipsysctl tutorials []

One of the main problems of Linux today is in my way of seeing things, that there is a huge lack of documentation, especially when you start digging into the deeper aspects of Linux. Of andrfasson, there are those who don’t report the bugs, and instead start using andrfasson to their own advantage for example, hack sites with the bug and so on.


What do you feel is the most common Linux system vulnerability? How can your iptables reference help to avoid these problems? These errors might be unknown to the Linux administrator for a long time and, in the long run they may notice the error to late. This would not change the fact that the tutorial will be available on the Internet, it will always be.

What is the most important Linux security technology? It was quite small, only pages or so, and didn’t cover all the intricacies of iptables and the more I used iptables and tested it; the more things I found that needed documentation.

When I started iptablws Linux 2. Anddreasson don’t think there is a single most common Linux system vulnerability, and it will definitely not stop a determined attacker. Any kind of computer would suffice, even Pentiums at the moment, as long as I can have a few network cards with them 9 or so, but less would suffice too. Designed to be Secure Without Fail. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Sure, there was the howtos written by Rusty Russell and the man page. Guardian Digital Mail Systems: What are your future plans for the iptables reference?