NEC Corporation FE pasolink/. NEC Corporation. Converged Packet Radio. iPASOLINK // . iPASOLINK / 6 GHz 10 Mbps DIGITAL RADIO SYSTEM TABLE OF CONTENTS. Uploaded by. Meghezi Mohamed. Download with Google. iPASOLINK iPASOLINK /A. iPASOLINK iPASOLINK E. iPASOLINK iX. iPASOLINK SX. iPASOLINK GX. iPASOLINK EX.

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As an example of iPASOLINK, you can double the transmission capacity up to Mbps over a single radio frequency utilizing both polarizations without any requirement of neither additional outdoor foot prints nor indoor mounting spaces. It is designed to ease the maintenance and troubleshooting work on the PNMSj. However, IP-based network, due to its asynchronous and on-demand nature, does not guarantee synchronous delivery of data.

iPASOLINK E: Wireless : Transport | NEC

The distribution algorithm distributes the packet according to: Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Security Users are registered by means of a login name and password. This table shows typical values for reference. Physical dimensions Figure Up to Mbps by single polarization and Mbps by dual polarizations for Ethernet packet transmission. High accuracy clock supply functions for packet synchronization Supports native TDM and Synchronous Ethernet transmissions.

The event log window ipassolink incorporated in the PNMSj main window. The transmission methods are ipaxolink follows: Top of this page. Alarms that have been cleared in the NE will remove on the Active Alarm window and logged in the Alarm History window.

Efficient usage of frequency resourses Help Center Find new research papers in: Performance management Ensuring performance of the network is of utmost importance to network administrators, as this leads to customer satisfaction and confidence. Hot Stand by, SD: Antenna system for adjacent channel or co-channel assignment. The logs are displayed at the bottom of the PNMSj screen.


iPASOLINK 100/200

This technical description shows all available functions. E1 interface for optional card slot C, No condensing 1 Environmental condition Workable: This 10 ipasolino Coupler comprises directional coupler, antenna interface, radio mounting interfaces and polarizer. This information storage is used for equipment replacement and recovery of setting and configuration. Starting with a map showing the sub-groups, followed by maps showing the various sub-group configurations, an operator can find an overview window for any PASOLINK station quickly.

A user will have the privilege provided to the group where it belongs.

iPASOLINK / Wireless Transport | NEC

Recently converged network node is going to be ultra-efficient, flexible and extensible beyond current vision, where the issue be addressed are:. Therefore, adoption of Dual Native backhaul would be risk-free, the most flexible and cost effective migration method towards all-IP network.

PNMSj provides a single access point from where to monitor and control an entire network continuously. For instance, intensive rain causing receiving level attenuation at high frequency bands, AMR keeps the link availability by automatically and error-free selection of the lower threshold modulation. Alteration of sub-band can be achieved by replacement of RF filter. Radio Link Aggregation Radio Link Aggregation achieves high capacity and resiliency transport with bundling several radio links.

In case of Dual Pol. Near-end baseband, Far-end baseband and IF loopback – Remote upgrades capabilities. Remember me on this computer.

This document describes the current version of NEC standard equipment. Please refer to the valid price list to be ordered ipasoljnk activate the specific functionality. A card for synchronous Ethernet is provided. Prioritization between TDM and Ethernet packets or prioritization between Ethernet ports or VPN-base is the quite important matter to maintain the quality of the highest priority service.


Advanced QoS function Enhanced QoS functions control finely tuned bandwidth and priority on a per-flow basis without any impact on traffic forwarding performance to provide flexible and commercially viable packet traffic.

Iipasolink electrical interface for optional card slot As a leader in transmission technology, NEC invests our resource to figure out how to overcome today issues. With this ipaslink, it is possible to streamline legacy network while increasing IP network usage. Service provider can not compromise above issues where they have to use one system and can be used in any strategy technical and management to keep their market share and improve income.

Through these additions, you can achieve double capacity without additional footprint or indoor mounting space.

The total count of current active alarms in each category is shown at the top of the main window. MS is a sophisticated management system that provides these benefits for network administration: User can edit the list based on following items: The benefit of traffic offloading is twofold: All-IP migration strategy of existing 3GPP Release operators might be different from other mobile operators due to difference of mobile architectures adopted.

This has to be improved while considering that the available existing spectrum is limited and new spectrum would be higher in frequency and cost. Hybrid switching function Independent packet switching and cross-connection functions are provided on the single platform.