Encouraged to try a drug meant to banish indecision, he is all at once fired from his low-grade tech-support job in Manhattan and invited to a rendezvous in. Dwight B. Wilmerding is only twenty-eight, but he’s having a midlife crisis. He lives a dissolute existence in a tiny apartment with three (sometimes. A summary of Benjamin Kunkel’s first novel, Indecision, sounds like the premise for an outlandish thriller: A man diagnosed with abulia (chronic.

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Down Ecuador way

Thank you Thank you Thank you. This must be the material of a hundred novels a year, and is very kinkel to work with – yet Kunkel manages to make the reader care.

Dwight is capable of a kind of instant regret for even the smallest choices he makes and a sort of chronic parser of his own behavior. Yes, there are rucksacks, brimming-bladdered bus trips, mysterious women, awesome sunsets and inscrutable Indians.

Benjamin Kunkel’s Tale of ‘Indecision’. The trouble with your mother and me is that we’d exhausted our illusions. When you’re making a connection with the reader, it’s kind of okay to have such shallow characters; they are there mainly kunmel serve their purpose anyway, connecting smaller pieces to the greater whole. A night alone meant I could get a jump on The Uses of Freedom.

Given an illicit sample of a new drug promising to cure indecision, he heads off to Ecuador to visit an old girlfriend and turn a page in his life. I am now hopeful that enduring the painful process and result of decisiveness followed by indecision towards “Indecision” will inspire me to follow-up decisiveness with more decisiveness and dive headfirst into the pool of decisiveness!

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Indecision by Benjamin Kunkel

The Ecuador part definitely sags a bit but things do pick at the year reunion of Dwight’s prep school class. At once funny and poignant, gentle and outrageous, finely intelligent and proudly silly, Indecision rings with a voice of great energy and originality, while its deeper inquiries reflect the concerns and style of a generation. It was sort of a moral victory, I guess. The book is lighter than a feather and has absolutely no substance to it as it tells the story of an annoying 20 something who suffers from “indecision” about everything in his life.

Indecision by Benjamin Kunkel | : Books

I stubbornly made my way to the bitter end just to give it a single star and ravage it in this short, capsule review. Will we ever see Dwight again? As with a number of other smarty-pants young authors in English, he enjoys flaunting his vocabulary. At one point I couldn’t figure out if the main character was meant to be so unlikable. Let me help you make a decision with this one – don’t bother.

Now I understand why I usually stick to mystery novels, because the characters are usually pretty flakey and easy to follow. I was leaning towards three stars, but the inconsistent tones towards the end felt more like two.

To quit or not to quit? But instead people were always calling and asking me to do things, and since only pretty rarely was I really sure I wanted to, my system was to flip a coin. Aug 14, Andrew rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Maybe because we were interns together ten years ago and I basically liked him, even if the rest of the interns that semester thought he was smug. Of course, my indecisiveness about whether or not to finish the book is what eventually caused me to read an entire book that I was not enjoying- I kept thinking or hoping that it would change stupid!


From Indecision by Benjamin Kunkel. It isn’t only hilarious, but I scarily identify with a lot of Dwight’s philosophizing about the insanity of it all. Late at night I would look at the words of this very deathocentric book, and on that Saturday night with Vaneetha which had so far failed to distinguish itself ondecision many of the Saturday nights preceding it I was looking again at the words, with one eye open and the other shut since I’d taken out my contacts and otherwise couldn’t focus on the lines.

Like Whit Stillman in his movies, Kunkel is a Kunkle prep school grad whose characters are likewise, except they’re also dumb, lovable putzes.

It made the whole story for smaller and more contrived, kind of like the way Michael Bay made ‘Pearl Harbor’ into some fake half-assed love story. The story had many interesting premises and sub-plots divorce! Dwight Wilmerding, twenty-eight, is having a midlife crisis.

Mar 15, Arda rated it it was ok. Whenever I can’t make a large scale life decision I don’t just up and head off to Ecuador, even if kunke, beautiful girl is there though I have thought about heading off to Kunlel on occasionUsually I just watch television.

Indecision has a pharmaceutical leitmotif—well maybe even a heavimotif. While they pass as being very intellectual, smart and perceptive, they are also very much lost, and lonely. Every character spoke in one-liners.