The iManager U inherits all the functions of the original T, N BMS, and DMS systems, and manages Huawei transport, IP, and access equipment. OBN iManager N BMS Introduction ISSUE CJH, CJH, iManager N BMS Advanced Operation and CJL, CJL, iManager N BMS Operation Training (MSAN),

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It does not need extra devices. It can detect network faults or degradation in a timely manner and report endto- end SLA data of the network.

If the active site fails, the U can be switched to the standby site so that the U application is not interrupted. Figure Single-server mode This type of networking is applicable to medium and small-scale networks. This is the dual-homing protection. It is also applicable to other applications such as broadband Internet access and video conference.

This satisfies the requirement in the vms case where the LSP deployment is prior to the U installation. The configuration object is a single NE. When the optical power is attenuated to the detection threshold, a command is automatically issued to adjust the attenuation of each station on the link.


Script A list of instructions for performing a specific task or action, written in a scripting language. If the client is locked out, you need to enter the user password or use the administrator account to unlock the client. In this manner, the network administrator can learn the operations performed by the current user in real time.

Test a line by using test single-test mode parameters of the baseline collection test in in-service mode, compare the test result with the baseline data, and provide alerts or alarms for the line.

The automatic topology discovery operation is implemented step by step through a wizard.


The Management capabilities of the U on different hardware platforms table is updated. The Metro Ethernet often carries heavy service traffic. This reduces the number of orders that require engineers to rectify faults on site. Figure shows the networking diagram. Network convergence requires network management to be consolidated.

Product Information and Downloads

The BPS protection uses two boards, that is, the working and protection boards. Convention Description Boldface Buttons, menus, parameters, b,s, window, and dialog titles are in boldface. Static Route Management Configuration The U supports the function of configuring the static route management. The object here may be the networkwide equipment, a specific NE, a specific board and even a specific function module of a specific board.

With powerful management functions at the NE and network layers, the U is the major and future-oriented network management product and solution in Huawei. Configuration for Ethernet Interfaces and Services By using the U, a user can perform the following operations: The attributes of user set include name and detailed description.

The Imanagrr features of security devices provide users with n20000 and easy-to-use Web configuration interfaces. Company C has branches in City 1 and City 2. In addition, ROADM enables power equalization at path level through a built-in power equalization function, and thus adjusts power for pass-through paths in a better way than a band-based dynamic gain equalizer DGE does.

This h2000 can check the quality of Ethernet links that pass through multiple NEs. The U is an imznager management platform for all equipment in the Huawei. The U allows you to query and save logs periodically, to detect illegal login and operations, and analyze faults in a timely manner.

U supports the ability to restore the backup data of equipment.

Support the function of configuring electrical cross-connections. The wavelength grooming is realized through the DWC boards. The test suite is a group of test tools organized according to certain test scenarios. The HA system Veritas hot standby can also be configured umanager the distributed mode. An external interface can be a northbound or southbound interface.


Tasawar Abbas – Project Engineer GPON – Netkom – Lahore, Pakistan

Changes in Issue 01 Initial field trial release. In this case, the services that are received on the PE nodes at the two end of a carrier network can be protected.

It is only the basis for VC3 and VC12 trail creation. For a tributary board at the E3 level or higher, you can set whether to insert AIS when there are excessive errors in the B3 byte. If must to manage the PTN imnager, the Netra must be n22000. The U allows you to configure electrical cross-connections to control service flow in the electrical layer. You can easily operate and maintain devices. If you set the status of an alarm to Suppressed, the NE does not report the alarm.

It can manage transport equipment, access equipment, and IP equipment including routers, security equipment, and Metro Ethernet equipment in a centralized manner. The diagnosis results can be directly displayed.

iManager N2000 BMS

A bidirectional connection point is formed by the association of a contradirectional pair. The station reports an exceptional event to the U NMS displays the received information imahager the alarm start on the topological view.

So, after the NMS carries out the operation of device resource polling on the device management module or the module is refreshed manually again, the result of polling the physical resources differ from the first time.