I quickly read through that TSB funny thing is, my ’08 Civic Hybrid exhibited these symptoms while still in warranty. Dealership did ultimately. Honda Civic Hybrid – Negative Camber Problem; What You Need To the same part numbers, but actually mentions the TSB “S/B# “. The Civic’s Rapid and Uneven Tire Wear Problem On February 8th, they issued a TSB (TSB ) describing repair procedures for.

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Find More Posts by fijibluesi. The lawsuit alleged the OEM rear upper control arms are too short and cause tire misalignment.

In other posts in this forum there is information posted about bad tire wear affecting Civics. He might as well have just said “I don’t care, leave me alone” Ysb mileage went up a little plus these are taller tires, so a double bonus. If it’s a car with low mileage, there wont be much wear at all so it’s not fair.

I know that SI’s are made to civci better handling, but dang it’s not suppose to wear your tires out with in 20k miles or less. Does anyone know if the tire cost should be covered too? Thanks to this discussion forum for bringing this up.

Also, taking the current alignment numbers would likely show the issue. The dealer’s District Parts and Service Manager DPSM finally said to my civci the following– do four wheel alignment first and if alignment IAW service bulletin specifications, consider service bulletin 08-01. The driver notices the temperature gauge rising out of the normal range, often very quickly. Find More Posts by pato I found the information everyone knew about, but kept shuffling me out the door to avoid admitting an issue and correcting it.


Civic Rapid and Uneven Tire Wear – Honda Problems

I rotate every 5K, maybe the damage just hasn’t shown yet? Just talked to Honda: At least now you know you can contact American Honda, and maybe get a good experience. Find More Posts by reaper Whats your model and year?

Send a private message to janetsusan. Honda Civic – – Civic Forums. They insisted that the 08-010 process included mainly the inspection of the tires for irregular wear. View topic – Bulletin de service honda.

Used Car Report: Honda Civic |

Not all Si owners are worried about the best handling possible. It starts with a few drips of antifreeze on the pavement.

Please stay on the line, and your call will be answered in the order of which it was received. Try finding yet another dealer. They took a look and addressed that it was due to the SB but would only offer to fivic the warranty items but not the tires.

I bought this car based on Honda’s reputation, and honestly planned to run this car to k miles. So I rotate them as directed. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. All times are GMT Find More Posts by larryka. He tells me to take it over to the local tuffy who does their allignments for them.

Send a private message to Hondw. I declined as I normally do my own maintenance and would do so immediately, even though I have not had this issues in the past. According to the TSB, my car should not have been covered. Honda has issued 0-8001 technical service bulletin TSBbut not all owners have had the revised arms installed. The car is at 37k miles, an There’s lots of info here, as you may have already seen.


The service manager again informs me that I need an allignment to correct this, and states I must have hit a pot hole. I purchased the car new from the showroom floor, one of the last 07 ex’s in stock since I liked the white They said that I probly hit a bump and knocked the car out of alignment and wanted to charge me to fix it.

Unfortunately the deadline to file a claim has passed. Our civics R18 and Si all have negative camber on the back. If it isn’t worn down to a certain point, you will have to wait.

I called Honda and I was told is up to the dealer to decide if the TSB has to be performed on my car. The new TSB from Honda to repair the neg. Find all posts by civic Originally Posted by timmyt Thank you so much.

Factory Service Bulletin for Rear Control Arms

I have gone thru this issue I have gone thru this issue at 29K miles. We drove like this all summer and then came south this winter, all without any abnormal tire wear. After experiencing excessive rear tire wear both before and after TSB I have finally resolved the problem to my own satisfaction.