Narration of Abdullah’s life from the days of his ancestors up to the English rule in Malacca and the founding of Singapore. Hikayat Abdullah serves as one of the most important records of the . Abdullah bin Abdul Kadir Munsyi: A man of bananas and thorns. About the man himself, Munsyi (literally means teacher) Abdullah, Hikayat Abdullah was originally written in Jawi script and told of stories.

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The Straits Timesp.

Hikayat Abdullah

Indonesia and the Malay Word34— A rare first edition, it was written between andprinted by lithographyand published in The term Munshi means “teacher” or “educator”.

Munsyi Abdullah was ahead of his times.

Lists with This Book. In Honour of War Heroes: Balqis rated it it was amazing Aug 26, As per ,unsyi customary practices of the Malay community of that period, he was taken care of by various individuals as it was held that a child with poor immunity to diseases should be cared for by caretakers other than his or her biological parents.

It was our first piece and we read it from photocopies but it gave me an incredible window into an entirely new type of literature. Hikayat Abdullah serves as one of the most important records of the sociopolitical landscape in Singapore, Malacca and the southern Malay kingdoms of Johor and Riau-Lingga at the turn of the 19th century.

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Sebuah buku yang akan sentiasa dibaca tidak kira zaman apapun. King of the Lion Cityby Kenneth M.

Hikayat Abdullah bin Abdul Kadir, Munshi. Jil. 1 – BookSG – National Library Board, Singapore

Malay Healing Practices October 16, Tidak ada orang yang benci 1 Apabila engkau mendapat wang,belikan emas;belikan emas,jualkan emas itu;belian intan,jualkan intan itu;belikan manikam,belikan ilmu. Pertama, biji mata budak ini, dan kedua, kaki tangannya janganlah dipatahkan. The House of Ripples October 16, Retrieved from ” https: A History of Malaysia.

Abdullah’s authorship was prominently displayed in this text and the contents were conveyed in simple, contemporary Malay.

Stories of Abdullah

Munshi Abdullah followed his father’s career path as a translator and teacher of colonial officials in the Malay Archipelagomainly the British and the Dutch. Abdullah meninggal di Jeddah pada tahun dalam perjalanannya menunaikan fardu haji.

This page was last edited on 6 Octoberat His work was an inspiration to future generations of writers and marks an early stage in the transition from classical Malay munsyj to modern Malay literature.

We really need an accessible English translation. Thomson, a contemporary of Abdullah, described him thus: He died of cholera shortly after his arrival in Mecca and before he could complete his pilgrimage, some time between May 8 and 18, Wan Zainuzzaman rated it it was amazing Aug 11, William Hikaayt, tetapi mengajar pula bahasa Melayu kepada Rev.

All rights reserved, Hadijah Rahmat.

Nur Afidah Mat Isa rated it it was amazing May 05, Rangkuti Author ; B. Anggi Surya rated it it was amazing Jun 09, The society stocks reprints of this translation for sale.


He had the vigour and pride of the Arab, the perseverance and subtlety of the Hindoo – in language and national sympathy only was he a Malay.

Mohd Maisaran rated it it was amazing May 16, Taib Bin Osman AuthorJ. Hikayat Abdullah was the major literary work of Munshi Abdullah. Ilmu yang baik akan berkekalan sehingga mati. His writing career took off after a missionary, Alfred North, encouraged him to write an autobiography after reading Abdullah’s account of a voyage along the east coast of Malaya.

Feb 12, Chekemdotty rated it it was amazing. Refresh and try again. Brakel AuthorM. Kata-kata ibu bapa ketika menghantar anaknya mengaji ‘Tuan, saya minta dua perkara sahaja.

Jul 17, Shaharuddin rated it liked it Shelves: Return to Book Page. The idea of modernity and striving for excellence within the Malay community stemmed from his ideas and stinging criticisms of the ancient Malay polity of the Kerajaan.

He became a functionary in the Straits Settlements next. Lain daripada itu, terserah kepada tuanlah. A more authoritative English edition was translated by A.