Download Heatline C28 manual. You have chosen to download this manual. Heatline C28, please click on the PDF link below. The boiler’s ‘Log Book’ must be completed at each Service visit. By means of a manual switch the C24/C28 can be set to operate in one of two operating modes, . Boiler Manuals for the Heatline Compact C28 appliance.

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Do you already have an account? Fit replacement sensor 7. Pump will run for a additional secs in order to release the heat from the boiler itself. You can set it back by switching OFF dip switch number 3. Put those aside till the re-assmble part as shown on the picture below 3. Re-assemble in reverse order Attention! The sensor i ordered arrived next day changed this but has never fired up?

Open the isolating valves on the flow and return connections. Verify the flame detection electrode. Verify the sensor F20 Overheating fault Verify the operation of the pump.

Troubleshooting Manual |

For more information on roomstats you can contact an approved installer by clicking here. Ensure all joints are sound.

Whilst every attempt is made to ensure the accuracy of information contained on this help centre, errors can occasionally occur. To arrange parts replacement contact Heatline customer service specialists by explaining what is being requested, providing an error message if any appears on the LCD display.

Remove the secondary water-to-water heat exchanger 5. You should unscrew the integral pump vent plug. Normal central heating functionality will come back once hot water tap is closed.


Heat Line Capriz 2 28c Manuals

Is he really a gas registered boiler repairer? We also understand that obtaining your gas boiler spares quickly is essential, that is why we have many different delivery options available. Primary Heat Exchanger replacement 1.

Why did he come without the instructions if he needs them so badly. Verify the sensor connections.

Replace damaged washers as necessary 7. It wants to be fixed very soon or im afraid thats it as far as the landlord goes with regards to me paying anymore rent!! Hot water demand will take heating mode whenever hot water tap is opened.

The sensors electrical resistance that dependent on temperature monitors also the current that is going through the control potentiometers.

Share This Page Tweet. We have a large range of plumbing and heating boiler spares in stock at DHS and if you require any assistance locating the correct part please feel free to contact our uk based call centre.

Hi Tony, this is starting to cheese me off mate, it has been going on for a while. The water circulation is shown on the picture below. Your appliance can be set to work either on domestic hot water and heating or domestic hot water only. Verify the boards reference F71 Flow heating temperature sensor fault Verify the sensor connections. Verify the main boards connections.

Remove the pipe clips on the pipes of heat exchanger 5. Carry on browsing if you’re happy with this, or click here to manage cookies. Particularly when we have said that it sounds like a failed diverter valve. I can’t for the life of me work out why there’s so few replies. Verify the igniter unit.


The first thing that i noticed was that the CH heating was on even though it was in summer mode. Permanent temperature difference between flow and return heating sensors. I have an account. Whenever the pressure shown on the gauge is higher then 1.

Vaillant Group reserves the right to amendupdate, or withdraw any information within the help centre without prior notice. Replace low water pressure switch. If you want to access the the potentiometers you should simply remove the cover panel and you will see those at the rear as shown on the picture below. Hi, thanks for getting back to me, yes all valves on rads are fine and working, it seems to be something wrong in the boiler, it was working ok for ages, then just packed up.

Woke up one morning the boiler flashing manal. Naturally domestic hot water demand will draw temporary preference over the heating for the time of how water demand and 3 min cooling period. After activating this function system will need manuap be manually re-set.

Replace faulty sensors F85 Flow and return heating sensors fault Verify temperature sensors connections F86 Underfloor heating contact fault Verify the sensor connections. Existing customers Book an engineer Track engineer Moving home. As you have already saved the maximum of 9 manuals to your online services account you need to delete one of these before you can save another one.

Verify the gas valve connections. Fault in gas valve motor. Signup to our newsletter today Sign up.