Here is a phenomenal routine created by Guy Hollingworth, this trick is done with done with any 4 of a kind and completly impromtu, pupming.

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Waving the Aces

When done properly or by Guy Hollingsworh himself it’s a very beautiful effect. If I remember correctly the guy in the thr copied this version but without owning the gaff set.

It’s time that the give me because attitude stopped. The Ellusionist Forums are no longer active. Ive come up with a routine called Twisted Gamblers Dream with the gimmick.

Waving the Aces – Guy Hollingworth (not 2aces routine)

It’s a great trick, but I’m teh it annoyingly difficult to master! Could be wrong though. May 31, We strive to create the very best magical products the world has ever seen. Originally Posted by Espanyo. I watched Denis Behr’s handling on his website, and it looked very good, but I just wanted to see if you guys have any other ideas to wces around it.

In “The 50 Greatest Magic Tricks” he performes this version, where in the end, the four jacks or kings turn into the four aces. Results 1 to 13 of Hi Swamy, good to see you again To those who like the move I suggest they give this routine an hour of play hollingwoorth see how they feel it works for them.


Maybe I heard you wrong, but I got distracted with your shirt and the music. Check it out here: May 30, The routine can also be ended with a nice kicker as told by Jordini.

However, this is the fruits of my labor. This page was created in 0. If you use the front of your leg instead if the side, your wavin and a small packet of cards is covering the turining over action. I altered the handling alittle bit so I only have to use the leg turnover once.

Waving the Aces – Guy Hollingworth not 2aces routine Here is a phenomenal routine created by Guy Hollingworth, this trick is done with done with any 4 of a kind and completly impromtu, pupming up the awsome. Waving the Aces – Guy Hollingworth not 2aces routine. We want to make you into a performer. Aug 8, Definately worth it, I use the move on Denis Behr’s video too, or alternate it with Guy’s handling, It’s definately worth the effect if you get the alignment move hollingaorth.


They don’t take the time to do the looking themselves or even attempt to use the search function on here. He did this on World’s Greatest Magic 1 and I thought it was brilliant. Carron Special user UK Posts. Harsh words from a harsh man: I just do not want anyone mislead thinking this is the God trick or something cause it’s “said” to be impromptu.

FutbolFreek Visit Homepage Find latest posts. It is not the brains that matter most, but that which guides them — the character, the heart, generous qualities and progressive ideas. Quartet makes a lot of impossible things possible.

For those who don’t believe, no proof is possible. Jaybs Special user Posts. And the version with the quartet is also very good. Where can I learn that? I think the turnover move in the original handling is covered better. I couldn’t figure out a good method for that.