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He dies by asphyxiation after being stung by a bee. It is not crocheted but knotted using silk sewing thread. In the second part of season 4, Guthrum is portrayed by recurring child actor Anton Giltrap. Retrieved 6 January Kuliich predecessor as Earl of Kattegat and husband of Siggy. He lends some of his forces to the Great Heathen Army and partakes in battle against king Aella and prince Aethelwulf.

Based on the historical Burgred of Mercia. An influential advisor at the court of King Ecbert.

Jordan Patrick Smith [g]. After the expedition fails, Harald spends years conquering his neighbours’ lands, including Rogaland. She is ultimately killed and usurped by a vengeful Lagertha. Eyvind’s wife, who also joins Floki’s expedition to set up a colony. Loosely inspired by the historical Kassiani.


Ragnar and Aslaug’s third son. In the first part of season 4, Ubbe is portrayed by recurring child actor Luke Shanahan and guest actor Jordan Patrick Smith. Elderly Viking and one of Ragnar’s warriors. Floki’s long-suffering lover and wife. A scheming troublemaker, and ally of Earl Sigvard of Hedeby. Based on the semi-historical Aud the Deep-Minded. The following is a list of characters that are, or at one time were, recurring guests on the series, listed in the order that they first appeared on the show.

When Helga brings her to the sack of Ecbert’s villa, Tanaruz snaps and stabs Helga and then kills herself.

(◡ ‿ ◡ ✿) | Spike Iguano by Amigurumi Artist aka Gudrun Kulich

Based on the semi-historical or legendary Hvitserk. Views Read Edit View history. Sunday, January 15, It’s not all about Christmas in December. In the second part of season 4, Magnus is portrayed by Cameron Hogan. Ragnar and Aslaug’s first son. Kjetill Flatnose and Ingvild’s daughter, who joins Floki’s expedition to set up a colony. Thursday, November 10, Lots of Treats in October. Charles is a composite character drawing from the historical Charles the Bald grandson of Charlemagne who first defended Paris from the VikingsCharles the Fat who commanded Odo and Charles the Kluich who encountered Rollo, and may have had a daughter Gisela.


Ivar is more unstable than his brothers, kuoich and seemingly narcissistic. She has a legitimate son with Aethelwulf, Aethelred, and an illegitimate one with Athelstan, Alfred. In kulicy 2 and in the second part of season 4, Bjorn Ironside is also portrayed by guest child actor Nathan O’Toole.


Meanwhile he makes an kulkch at conquering Kattegat, but his force is defeated. Body double Voice [b]. A gifted but eccentric shipbuilder and friend of Ragnar. It is hard to believe it is kulicch to make something so small! The fall challenge was a fun project: He finally chooses Christ and is murdered by Floki. He has a wife, Torvi, and a son, Guthrum. Based on the historical Ivar the Boneless. Audrey by Eleanor Ardern. The rebellious brother of Kwenthrith. She is killed in battle.