Myra Breckinridge [GORE VIDAL] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Gore Vidal’s classic controversial novel. With no advance publicity, the. Raquel Welch and Rex Reed in Myra Breckinridge () Raquel Welch and John Huston in Myra Breckinridge . Gore Vidal’s Myra Breckinridge See moreĀ» . This is extremely unfair: Vidal had nothing to do with Myra Breckinridge other than having written the satirical novel the movie was ostensibly.

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Related News Quick Take: He was also known for his patrician manner, Transatlantic accent, and witty aphorisms.

My beauty blinding them | Myra Breckinridge after fifty years

Myra Breckinridge was one of two films with an X rating to be released by 20th Century Fox in the other being Beyond the Valley myea the Dolls. Vidal, through Myra, enacts some terribly sadistic, psychically harmful sex fantasies and has a laugh with it all. Coyote Bill Grady Sutton I think some people just don’t get it. This starts out as a really funny, satirical look at Hollywood in the throes of the sexual revolution, but it just becomes tedious, pointless and mean-spirited, like pretty much all of Vidal’s books, which for some reason I keep reading.

Myra Breckinridge and trans roles in film

Myra goes to an acting breckinridgee owned by her uncle, Buck Loner, a vidaal cowboy star. James Gent takes a look at Myra Breckinridge and the wider issue of trans roles in film. Indeed, this may be a major drawback for modern readers who are not classic film fans.

I don’t think there’s anyone on this movie who hasn’t been fired or quit three times. Particularly the pit-pat resolution I won’t spoil this onewhich seems to reiterate a normative gender system and narrative structure.


Vidal is also deeply concerned about overpopulation and environmental matters that were hardly a priority in the late 60s. Vidal ran for political office twi Eugene Luther Gore Vidal was an American writer known for his essays, novels, screenplays, and Broadway plays.

Not your average villain, vudal She Done Him Wrong According to many accounts, Sarne encouraged bickering among cast members. Y] 18 July To see criticism of this film saddens me. Rowling tried her hand at ghostwriting a Chuck Palahniuk novel.

Encyclopedia of Gay and Lesbian Popular Culture.

Myra Breckinridge – Wikipedia

Il celebre capitolo The sex-starved septuagenarian runs an acting agency “for leading men only. Yes No Report this. Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. Mar 24, Vince rated it really liked it.

It’s the ultimate reaction to the hypocrisy of any ‘politically correct’ diktat, that farcical form of respect our society cunningly came up with to cover its own sense of guilt. Yet, emotionally, I would be only too happy to become world dictator, if only to fulfill my mission: Kevin Bradshaw Mgra there isn’t anything bigoted in this book. I want to see this flick from the beginning.

All that I do know is that I shall be freed of obsession and, in this at least, be like no one vifal who ever lived. Keeping that in mind, it’s pretty revolutionar I’m going ahead and giving this little piece of madness 5 stars.

Myra Breckinridge

It appears that the success of the book relies on the reader responding with shock Transphobic, misogynistic, anti-semitic, smug. This book was nicely self-contained and it had a definite, appropriate ending. To view it, click here.


But Myra’s voice is memorable, and that counts for something. After the operation, Myron arrives in Hollywood as Myra while in the rest of the film Myron pops up from time to time as Myra’s alter ego. By his own account, Vidal wrote the book as little more than a lark. The central character, Myra, is a seductive anti-heroine whom we may simultaneously root for and despise. With Myra as a catalyst, the trio begin to expand their sexual horizons.

Myra is an intrepid observer of the socio-politico-gendered condition, and 50 years ago she sounded an alarm about the threat hypermasculinity posed to the nation. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Mar 15, Kamron Alexander rated it it was amazing. Only a bad conscience can’t laugh of itself once in a while, a liberating burst of laughter that won’t save the world but can’t certainly make it worse than it already is.

Books by Gore Vidal. In the TLS of February 23Daniel Culpan “a writer based in London” published a wide-ranging retrospective of Gore Vidal as novelist and critic that includes a convincing account of Myra Breckinridge ‘s “comic nihilism”: Myra has a funny way of making the case for gender equality, though.

Twiggy, Christopher Gable, Max Adrian. I am reminded that I still live in a world where minds are half-opened and fearful, if not slammed shut.