Ghanshyam Bal Charitra Part 1. From Ghanshyam Bal Charitra · Gujarati. Ghansyham Leela Mrut Sagar (Purvardh). From Ghansyham Leela Mrut Sagar. Смотреть Ghanshyam Charitra 1 Скачать 3GP p, 3GP p, MP4 p, MP4 Ghanshyam Charitra: Ghanshyam as a child (Gujarati). Swaminarayan also known as Sahajanand Swami, was a yogi, and an ascetic whose life and .. Upon reaching to Gujarat, Swaminarayan by His preaching and super natural divine power restored noted notorious .. Sahajanand charitra.

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The Uddhav Sampraday became known as the Swaminarayan Sampraday.

To solve this problem, Swaminarayan conducted several large-scale yajnas involving priests from Varanasi. The literacy rate among females began to increase during Swaminarayan’s time, and they were able to give discourses on spiritual subjects. The ninth lunar day in the fortnight of the waxing moon in the month of Chaitra March—Aprilis celebrated as both Rama Navami and Swaminarayan Jayanti by Swaminarayan followers.

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Swaminarayan encouraged his followers to combine devotion and dharma to lead a pious life. Nilkanth Varni received sannyasa initiation from Ramanand Swami on 20 Octoberand with it was granted the names Sahajanand Swami and Narayan Muni to signify his new status. Prior to his death, Swaminarayan decided to establish gujaarti line of acharyas or preceptors, as his successors. Archived from the original on vharitra March Williams on South Asian religions and immigration.


To enable Shatanand Swami to write from His childhood, Swaminarayan had blessed Shatanand Swami with Sanjay Drishti – special power to see the entire past right from His childhood.

Swaminarayan – Wikipedia

Swaminarayan stressed lacto vegetarianism among his followers and forbade meat consumption, codifying the conduct in the Shikshapatri. During the time when Swaminarayan came to Gujarat, the law and order situation of Gujarat was in worst ever. Retrieved 10 February His followers cut across religious boundaries, including people of Muslim and Parsi backgrounds. Members gujaratu the faith are defensive of the fact that some practices seem to restrict women and make gender equality in leadership impossible.

Archived from the original on 3 June University Of Chicago Press; New edition. Illustration of Swaminarayan writing the Shikshapatri. As a result, the king freed all the ghansgyam he had imprisoned. He built six temples in his lifetime [9] and appointed paramahamsas to spread his philosophy. He is the cause of ganshyam incarnations and is thus truly worthy to be worshiped.

Swaminarayan in various places of Shikshapatri describes Shri Krishna as the greatest entity.

Members of the lower castes were attracted to the movement as it improved their social status. Beck 24 March In case of widows, Swaminarayan directed those who could not follow the path of chastity to remarry.

Ghanshyam Charitra 1

While being a worshipper of Krishna, Swaminarayan rejected licentious elements in Krishnology in favor of worship in the mood of majesty, alike to earlier Vaisnava teachers, Ramanuja and Yamunacarya.


Upon reaching to Gujarat, Swaminarayan by His preaching and super natural divine power restored noted notorious criminals as normal civilians.

Notable scriptures throughout the sect include the Shikshapatri and the Vachanamrut. Swaminarayan strived to maintain good relationships with people of other religions, sometimes meeting prominent leaders. According to the sect, Nilkanth’s understanding of the metaphysical and epistemological concepts of the pancha-tattvas five eternal elementstogether with his mental and physical discipline, inspired senior sadhus of Ramanand Swami.

Satsangi Jeevan is the authorised biography of Swaminarayan. Toothi “most of his thought, activities and even methods of most of the institutions which he has been building up and serving, have the flavor of Swaminarayanism, more than that of any other sect of Hindu Dharma.

Some suggest that Swaminarayan worked towards ending the caste systemallowing everyone into the Swaminarayan Sampraday. According to the biographer Raymond Williams, when Swaminarayan died, he had a following of 1.

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Retrieved 10 June In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Before his death, Swaminarayan appointed his adopted nephews as acharyas to head the two dioceses of Swaminarayan Sampraday. Chhapaiya present-day Uttar PradeshIndia. Retrieved 8 May Swaminarayan wrote the Shikshapatri ghqnshyam 11 February The Lord, Shree Krishna is the greatest entity. Retrieved 14 September Swaminarayan at Wikipedia’s sister projects.