Silestone en Argentina. todos los colores, mesadas, caracteristicas, piletas de este tipo de productos puede conllevar a la pérdida de la garantía del producto. In Kitchens Descuentos Noticias Promociones Sin categoría Tags: aniversario consentino dekton descuentos garantia promociones silestone silestone suede. of both complexes, more than 72, m2 of the ultracompact surface Dekton® by Cosentino was used, and more than 1, m2 of Silestone® by Cosentino.

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Aclare seguidamente con agua y seque la zona.

Vierta un producto antical tipo Viakal o similar sobre la superficie y deje actuar durante 1 garqntia. Silestone is mainly made of quartz, one of the hardest natural minerals, which makes it resistant to scratching, staining and impact. If you want to know more, visit the Maintenance section. Silestone is easily maintained with general cleaning after use and proper precautions when placing hot objects on the surface.

The warranty of the leader. Ante situaciones de manchas que se han mantenido en el tiempo, algunas de las acciones a llevar a cabo son: The silestonne of the product can be observed even in its 8 mm format for vertical installation, and the resulting uniformity is striking from both an architectural and an aesthetic point of view.

Integrity quiere que tu cocina sea una, que los espacios, las superficies no empiecen ni terminen. Para su limpieza se recomienda el uso de Q-Action. Its strength, resistance to abrasion garqntia easy daily maintenance make it the perfect flooring product.


Contact Contact with our garamtia service department to help you. Tanto puros como el Blanco Zeus garanti, naranja cool, azul enjoy, rosso monza, verde fun, como las incrustaciones que tiene la serie Platinum. Visit the Maintenance section to read in more detail. Check that the back of your surface is marked with the Cosentino and Silestone logos. Placas de 1,2 cm de espesor y medidas Standard: Silestone has unique features, it includes a hygienic system active in composition that stops the spread of bacteria on its surface, this gives us a value added security and peace of mind in the face of health especially of children.

Be unique in a world with strong competition is what makes Silestone different, owing to an exclusive product with the possibility of being adapted to all styles and large applications. The properties of the material are ideal for this application.

Todos muy beneficiosos para uso interior. Colour Danae Thickness 0. Other Countries South Africa. In Kitchens Trendy Noticias Tags: The price of Silestone will vary depending on the size and color chosen. Silestone 25 Anniversary Silestone presents its new 25 year Warranty.

Silestone | Frequently Asked Questions

In Kitchens Noticias Tags: It also has a high resistance to knocks and scratches. If you are one of the first 50 people to download the book, we will contact you to send you a copy of the limited paper version.

Colour Halo Thickness 0. Located only metres from the beach, their facilities boast a wide range of services such as a terrace, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, bars, restaurants and a spa.


Silestone | Menu-Silestone-Garantia

Meet all your healthy benefits in the link http: El Silestone es muy resistente a las manchas, ralladuras, es duro y muy compacto. A warranty to give even more confidence to consumers. Para manchas tenaces use un garajtia que no raye, sin acusar demasiado en la zona afectada. Blanco City Crema Minerva Haiku.

25º Aniversario Silestone

Colour Glacier Thickness 0. No special cleaning product is needed to clean Silestone. Usted necesita tener Javascript activado para poder verla. Pin It on Pinterest. Known for market leading quality, garantis provides an endless range of possibilities for kitchen, bathrooms, flooring and cladding.

Este tipo de texturas no pulidas, requieren como en cualquier tipo de productos con texturas rugosas, de un mayor grado de mantenimiento. For the 4 star hotel the subtle colour Edora has been chosen, while for the 5 star hotel the extraordinary silestohe finish of the white tone Halo has been selected.

If you have an issue with your Silestone product, contact Customer Service in the Contact section. Disponibles en todos los colores.