This memoir reflects on key moments of the author’s early life, from childhood to his entering seminary, that reveal how God speaks to us in a variety of way. “A child takes life as it comes because he has no other way of taking it,” Frederick Buechner writes in this first of his autobiographical books. With this statement. This memoir reflects on key moments of the author’s early life, from childhood to his entering seminary, that reveal how God speaks to us in a variety of ways.

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This was insightful, uncommonly honest, and beautiful. He’s adept at extrapolating from specifics to generalities. You can grow strong on your own. No trivia or quizzes yet. A friend is lost or found. And into the thick of it, or out of the thick buechher it, at moments of even the most humdrum of our days, God speaks.

Buechner basically promises that becoming a Christian is not the end of your journey, nor is it the beginning; it is just part of the whole of what God is doing in your life and in the lives of others.

Jul 29, Dayspring rated it it was amazing Shelves: Oct 06, Alan rated it it was frederic.

Introduction to The Sacred Journey – The Rev. Frederick Buechner

I started it on a reading-adventure-day in the sun with a friend. Mar 17, Elizabeth rated it it was amazing Shelves: I have gone through twenty years’ worth of old home movies. In he gave the Noble Lectures at Harvard. His recollections of childhood are especially profound.

Introduction to The Sacred Journey

I was given this book by my brother-in-law, who has me figured out well. We remember and forget. Day1 Members can create a customized playlist of all Day1 Radio content, so be sure to sign up today!

This is a beautiful memoir and does truly tell, not one man’s story, but the story of many. One powerful selection that rung me on self reflection and understanding: Beautiful memoir of Buechner’s early days. God speaks to us in such a way, presumably, not because he tthe to be obscure but because, unlike a dictionary word whose meaning is fixed, the meaning of an incarnate word is the meaning it has for the one it is spoken to, the meaning that becomes clear and effective in our lives only when we ferret it out for ourselves.


I enjoy this short little memoir and its reflections on coming to a greater awareness of God, time, reality, relationships, and how to move through all guechner in one’s imperfect humanity. Jun 03, Sharon Archer rated it it was amazing Shelves: What holds you, if nothing else, is the possibility that somewhere among all those shots of people you never knew and places you never saw, you may come across something or someone you recognize.

What does the song of a swallow mean? What about the danger of the proclaimed saint’s becoming a kind of religious prima donna as proud of his own humility as a peacock of its tail? The music of your life After seminary he spent nine years at Phillips Exeter Academy, establishing a religion department and teaching courses in both religion and English.

Nov 22, Matthew Ritter rated it really liked it.

Adolph Hitler dies a suicide in his bunker with the Third Reich going up in flames all around him, and what God is saying about the wages of sin seems clear enough.

Who, at the end of buechnrr book, gets in to Union Theological Seminary at the age of Buechner’s biggest first splash of literary work was a novel A Long Day’s Dying, And in his command of the tools of writing, it is both beautiful and revelatory. What I bhechner I found, however, is that drederick read his text gives me a basis for imagining how he speaks, should I ever be so fortunate to hear him in person. Or maybe nothing extraordinary happens at all-just one day following another, helter-skelter, in the manner of days.

In fact–for more curious things have Happened–even in a stranger’s album, there is always the possibility that as the pages flip by, on one of them you may even catch a glimpse of yourself.


The seeming unorganized stories come together much like real life does… where big moments hardly matter and the small, seemingly unimportant, conversations can change everything. By now my children have mostly grown up and mostly gone. See what you think. Fredericl many of the experiences mostly “ah ha” moments, really that Buechner shares resonate with my soul. It was a joy to read.

The Sacred Journey: A Memoir of Early Days

Like everybody else, I rejoice in much of it and marvel at those moments when, less by effort than by grace, it comes to life again with extraordinary power and immediacy–vanished faces and voices, the feeling of what it was like to fall in love for the first time, of running as a child through the firefly dusk of summer, the fresh linen and cinnamon and servant-swept fragrance of my grandmother’s house in Pennsylvania, the taste of snow, the stubbly touch of my father’s good-night.

In the years that followed he began publishing more novels, including the Pulitzer Prize finalist Godric. Return to Book Page. I love the way this man writes and I loved this book. Feb 27, Donovan rated it it was amazing Shelves: His work pioneered the genre of spiritual memoir, laying the groundwork for writers such as Anne Lamott, Rob Bell and Lauren Winner. With this statement he attempts to explore the event that is at the center of this book, and which forms the missing center around which so much of Buechner’s fiction and essays take shape: But what do I mean by saying that God speaks?

When I read the text here, I imagine that he writes as if he were speaking Love the concepts and principles of his journey, and clearer direction perceived.