has a list of landing sites on the Ft Rucker cantonment area that are . G3 Air at during duty hours, or Fort Rucker SDO at / after. SCOPE AND RESPONSIBLIITIES. The ARTS Grading SOP applies to all Instructors conducting training and evaluations for non-rated and rated students. FORT RUCKER, ALABAMA Fort Rucker Regulation . The Fort Rucker local flight rules are published in Fort Rucker Reg

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Authorized on a case—by—case basis when 95–2 modes of transportation will preclude meeting a publication schedule or when in the best interest of the U. Army fixed-base ATC facilities includes Army contract facilities will be utilized to train Army air traffic controllers assigned to tactical units.

My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. Remote status indicator provided at control point. Minimum areas to be inspected are contained in the sample checklist in appendix D. Authorization fortt identification required for purchase are stated in AR —2.

The DAR will be contacted for advice if this situation arises. If an individual fails to meet these requirements, all phases of the FTP, to include the facility rating examination and associated DA Form —1 evaluations must be completed. A controller with multiple ratings is one who holds ratings from two or more different facilities at the same location.

Certification responsibilities for ATC equipment and services are inherently governmental; no certification authority will be issued to non-Federal personnel.

Further investigation of complaints may be required of unit commanders if the complaint resulted from deviation from established procedures. For example, civilian aircraft must be parked and serviced on their own ramp or clearly defined segregated portion of a ramp. Training requirements include, but are not limited to:. The requesting user completes the front side of DD Form Civil and other nonexempt aircraft must obtain a DD Form Civil Aircraft Landing Permit or prior permission required PPR if parked or serviced on the military portion of the airfield, unless otherwise stated in the joint use agreement.


Aircraft accident and incident reporting. Air Force aero clubs.

A remote status indicator may also be provided through the use of a signal-sampling receiver, microwave link, or telephone circuit. Final position primary VHF or. These records are required to assist in preparing the annual utilization report and to assist in retention of the restricted area and MOA. Responsibilities related to unapproved landings. Other suitable point-to-point communications must be established to accommodate ATC communications and to file and close flight plans.

Army commander may request in writing an extension of time to evaluate a rulemaking proposal. See appendixes C and D for. The compliance inspections and internal assessments will consist of all applicable sections of the ATSCOM inspection checklist.

Identify any potential impacts to airfield operations. For example, the workload for an unapproved intentional landing is more than for an approved aircraft; therefore table 9—3 indicates a higher fee. Require users schedule or modify their operations to keep from interfering with military activities when desired. Members of Congress or heads of Federal departments or agencies. Subdivision of segment will be listed if use is divided.

Progression time lines are outline in tables 8—1 and 8—2. Army airfields and heliports. Army flight activities AFAs that are tenants at other than Army-owned and operated airfields.

Noise Management Program

When it is necessary to provide a greater ruckeer of security, flight in an NSA may be temporarily prohibited pursuant to the provisions of 14 CFR Part Includes Active Army or Reserve personnel entitled to retired pay. Internal monitor not installed.

Establishment or modification of airspace areas, airfields, navigation facilities, TERPS, and similar activities will be planned and conducted to reduce or remove adverse environmental effects. Automated Radar Terminal System. After construction plan approval by the Army, additional airfield facilities may be constructed. Give name and geographic coordinates.


Fuel may be sold on credit in accordance with AR 70— The identification number will be placed in DD Formblock 9. When operating at fogt the continental United States OCONUS locations or in a theater of operations, frequency proposals will be forwarded through appropriate military frequency manager to gain host nation approval. The Army will consider joint use when it does not compromise military response, security, readiness, or safety. Suspension, termination, and rjcker of rycker aircraft landing permits.

Exceptions are students enrolled in a formal course of instruction, SPsIPsIEsmaintenance test flight evaluators, nonrated crewmember instructors FInonrated crewmember standardization instructors SIflight surgeons and flight surgeon students MO.

When flying club members utilize aircraft not provided by the local flying club for example, rental aircraftthose flights in the nonaffiliated aircraft must be processed under limited use procedures.

Sustainable Fort Rucker

Establish operational waivers when a particular aircraft operation is required to operate on existing facilities that do not meet current airfield design criteria. This is in addition to any pre-tuned back-up radios. Prospective users will submit requests for landing authorization, to include the information as follows:.

Airfield division chiefs will coordinate and monitor airfield construction, repair, and maintenance activities.

If unit commander anticipates deployment to a combat theater of operations within 6 months, the brigade or group commander may waive this requirement.