FM (FM )/ MCWP 7/AFMAN/ NAVSEA SSAF- MMO STATIC LINE PARACHUTING TECHNIQUES AND TRAINING. Field manual contains basic and advanced training and techniques for static line parachuting. It is designed to standardize procedures for initial. Static Line Parachuting Techniques and Training April TC (FM 3- ) / MCWP / AFMAN / NAVSEA SSAF-MMO

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Shakeout Procedures Section II. These points of performance are individual actions and are essential on every parachute jump. Snowshoes without Weapon Skis and Rifle staic Air Drop Air Speed This “leap-frogging” action continues unless corrective action is taken by the parachutist.

Static line

If the drift is directly to the rear, he selects the appropriate PLF. Second Point of Performance: Turning the feet toward the direction of drift. When the reserve parachute has activated, the jumper may satic two inflated canopies. He verifies the following items: A second parachutist number 2 holds the parachute assembly by the main lift web under the canopy release assemblies and places it on the back of number 1.

Save the screw from the folded tab on the heel strap. Dragon Linee Jump Pack Rigged The last two jumpers in each stick face about.


Static line – Wikipedia

Go Section II. The paarchuting place their static line control hand so that it is nearly touching the back of the pack tray of the jumper in front of them.

Landing with a B-7 life preserver. Ballistic helmet with retention strap and foam impact pad. He must do this instantly when told a malfunction has occurred. The two classes of main parachute malfunction total and partial demand the jumper’s immediate attention. Number 1 puts the harness in the bag.

This action reduces spinning and tumbling in the air and allows for proper parachute deployment. Harness Assembly It contains the parachute until activation.

They accomplish the rest of the shakeout by taking the following steps: The parachutist lays the assembly out with the pack tray face down. M60 Packed Assembled The following errors are often made by students. The tower is a primary training apparatus to help teach basic jump techniques and points of performance. A centerline is attached to the parachute cloth to speed pilot chute inflation and also forms part of the bridle attachment loop.

It weighs between 13 and Two students are assigned to each cable on the tower 16 total. He releases the other leg strap in the same manner. Rigging Loads in the Front-Mount Container He places the risers over the proper shoulder for the door right or left each parachutist will jump. Cargo Operations Number 2 grasps the rope parachuing to the suspended canopy while number 1 shakes the parachute.


Eighth Jump Command A detailed description of refresher training is in Appendix A. The parachutist ensures that both the left and right activating levers are closed over the ball detents. Excessive bend in knees.

Daily physical training exercises continued. The pack tray is described as follows: Views Read Edit View history. Learn more about Amazon Prime.

Full text of “Static Line Parachuting Techniques and Training”

All subsequent jumpers begin moving toward the door using a shuffle. Pulling the right toggle causes a right turn.

Be sure the hook-pile tape on the ends of the parachutist retention strap faces the rear of the helmet. Safety Precautions C Casa Inspecting the Parachutist Ankle Brace Jump Commands and Procedures