Fever is a young-adult dystopian novel written by Lauren DeStefano. It was published on February , by Simon & Schuster Book’s For Young. Fever by Lauren DeStefano – The New York Times bestselling sequel to Wither reveals a world as captivating—and as treacherous—as the one Rhine left. Fever by Lauren DeStefano, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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My understanding is that they do this because she has two different colored eyes, which makes her special to them. Of all the laruen, stupid, selfish, idiot moves ever; this one has to take the cake. My feelings get hurt, on the other hand, when an authority figure steps in to reprimand me for expressing my thoughts.

This is exactly how I felt with Pandemonium. Honestly, I don’t know why authors keep bothering to turn to trilogies, where two books would work.


Even better, they had to be drugged with aphrodisiacs to even do that. Well, in Fever you get a full blown dose of Rhine’s reality. Jul 25, Lyndz rated it liked it.

Jul 31, nancy The Ravenous Reader rated it it was ok Shelves: FEVER also provides much more information about the world outside the mansion, and sympathetic new characters are introduced.


Gabriel is still a cardboard cutout of UR boifriend with blu Is. I am so disappointed with this book. I just love it! In short Fever is a much darker book than Wither. Does Rhine find Rowen? Though the book moves along at a good pace and it’s not a slow read, the plot doesn’t really go anywhere. It was driving me mad looking for one. Honestly though, I did n k t think it was half as good as the first one I am not …more I just finished the second one so it’s still fresh in my mind.

» Fever by Lauren Destefano

And in this case, the person who called you boring has way less laurenn than you do see below for more on this. Her characterization was genius and while it may seem like you should feel sorry for her handicaps, she doesn’t need your pity. The non-affected character would spend many pages mopping the brow of the sleeping one. And, as Jim Halpert says about the black licorice issuethis is just my opinion, but it’s true.

The group hatch a plan to escape the troop, and are successful; however, Lilac does not make it out with them. And finally being able lajren communicate freely should bring out the intimacy between Rhine and Gabriel. I guess, I like it when people disagree with me, so we can work out our ideas, and everyone can grow and become better eestefano talking and thinking.


But unlike other indecisive heroines, Rhine’s indecision is understandable.

Review of “Fever” by Lauren DeStefano | Rhapsody in Books Weblog

I do have it and am intrigued by it, so Destefajo will be reading it at some point, but at least now I know what to expect. Housemaster Vaughn finds them but they escape the den with a malformed child, Maddie. It was published on February The issue I had with Wither lacking energy, where I had a feeling of restlessness being with those girls in their big mansion unmoving, is not the laursn anymore.

Fortunately, the plot doesn’t center around the romance as much as their escape and, eventually, what’s happening to Rhine. Soon I realized just how telling my first thought at seeing the book was. Jennifer Lynn I just finished the second one so it’s still fresh in my mind. But there’s no need to be rude, and I’m sorry for casting asper Laureen good at all. It was hard to feel any emotion for a character that still feels like a stranger to me.

Soon after, Rhine is also drugged.