FERROLI WFL4+P7 PELLET ΤΑΞΙΑΡΩΝ. By – Ποιότητα & Οικονομία · Updated about 5 years ago · Taken in περιστερι · Already tagged. Gorilec na pelete Ferroli z visokim učinkom in omejenimi emisijami za kotle na trda goriva razreda 3 EN , zanesljiv, enostaven za uporabo in vzdrževanje.

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Hi all, My SUN P7 starts the pre-ventilation cycle and stay there for long time without starting ignition. Now of course, because it burns wood pelletsit will slowly reach that power level.

Stuck SUN P7 pellet burner – how to fix. – Jurnal

It does preventilating O then puts the pellet in the burner and after few moments switches to ventilating again fh. When it start modulatioin, burner just start the fan of burner and nothing else. So you are saying that I should only increase t12 which controls fan speed for power level 3. The burner SUN P7 from Ferroli has a minimum of automation, which means that is has no extra sensors apart from was is strictly necessary to function and for safety.

I am wrestling with my P12 for 2 mounts now. To clean it, you also have to take the red cover off. From this moment on, the burner will enter a cycle. Also it can stop when it reaches 75 degrees u01but this is a safety feature. On my type of boiler the burner is mounted on the lower door, so I have to go on my knees with some lamp in order to see what is happening there. When we had our wood burning boiler it was murder when the wind was blowing, the garage was forever filled with smoke and the Vedetta has cured this problem, and now with the new Ferroli the house is toasty warm.


I forgot to tell you that there also some problem with my Temperature Sensor. My chimney is about 7m tall and it sucks smoke just right, but still, part of the smoke goes back. If you will use only one power level recommended until you get used with the burner then it is necessary only to set the used power setting.


Or the motor efrroli the fan? Unfortunately I have the problem that I thus invite a buffer and the calculated charging time would be approximately two hours.

HelloDo u know if ferroli sun p12 can controled with wireless ferroli modulating remote control? In mode without modulation everything works ok. You just have to remember that when the burner just started this period will be shorter than what o7 is set in the menu, but it will slowly increase until it will reach 4. This year i will try to use some olive core and skin pellets made here in my country by a local factory which buys the raw material from the oliveoil factories!! It seems i will have to play with power modulation the fullfil my needs.

I have seen in manual that there are pins number 9 and 10 E and D on the burner, that give blocking signal and burner deblocade function switch.

As for the other thing, did you check the pellets size? If you can-want to do something like fereoli, please let me know, you know my email. Hello, I have problem with my ferroli sun p7. You can put it in power modulation mode and then it will change the quantity of pellets so that it matches the power needed. I reset all the parameters. I buy high quality pellets here in Ferrroli but they are still quite. I press letter P oncenot hold 10 sec for parametar service, just once and enter in menu for programing automatic mode.


Ovviamente se hai dei consigli da comunicare ti prego di farlo. The company that installed this one insisted in putting a voltage regulator. Check that each of the 5 power levels are working, without modulation.

It was photo cell. Fsrroli, and most annoying is that my P7 shuts down with A01 error but there is no jam at all. I think its not only put to hot. And maybe in that time cold water enters the boiler so the burner just keeps working without stopping.


Because power level 3 uses less olive cores maybe the increase in fan speed will make a bigger difference. This way it uses much more pellet and I would like to make it work as it was, to start a new cycle only when it falls to This is the only thing you have to modify from the factory settings or the settings that were set during installation. Once I solve that, I will jump back on almond shells and try to optimize the system.

You should clean the light sensor and the heating element: We have had no stuck pellets or any problems with this at all. I edited settings you mentioned and now I have far less problems with my Ferroli burner.