About Sally Perel: Also known as Shlomo Perel o Solomon Perel, is an author and motivational speaker. He was born in Peine, Lower Saxony, to a German Jew. ENGLISH CORNER, CON LINDA JIMÉNEZ – This week’s trivia question: What were the last words of advice that Sally Perel’s parents gave him. Solomon Perel’s amazing story is retold in both a book, Europa Europa – originally in French, and the movie Europa Europa. Perel is born on.

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Nov 24, Jane rated it really liked it. Von der mehr als wichtigen Aussage pere abgesehen. Once in Israel, Perel joined the army to fight in the Israeli Independence war.

Out of all the accounts descibing the holocaust that I have read, this one is the most different. Denn es ist wirklich eine Geschichte die schwer zu glauben ist, vor allem da es definitiv Geschichten gibt die frei erfunden aber als wahr verkauft wurden.

While Solomon Perel did not have to physically hide in a hiding place like some Jews, he did have to hide his identity to keep alive. In an ironic scene, as Solek and other Jewish refugees cross a river in a small boat, while a boat carrying Polish refugees fleeing the Soviets, passes in the opposite direction, Solomon explains in pere, internal monologue that the Jews, fearing Nazi persecution, fled toward the Soviets, while the Poles, who feared the Soviets more, fled toward the Germans.

He will not forsake his chosen people.

The orphanage is evacuated but Solek is left behind, to be found by German soldiers. Denn so furchterregend kann nur die Wirklichkeit sein. After all, he wrote his memoir more than 40 years after the war.

No trivia or quizzes yet. After the war, Perel moved to Israel.

Solomon Perel

In the confusion Perel gets separated and is found by some Germans. I found myself puzzled that in all of his time pretending to be an ardent Nazi, he never once had to undergo a medical examination but hey, the tales of survivors are always tales of extraordinary good luck.


None is more incredible than the story of a Jewish boy, Solomon Perel, who escaped from Germany to Russia, served with the Wehrmacht in Russia, was adopted by his commanding officer, and transferred to an elite Hitler Youth school.

Es ist auf jedenfall ein Buch, dass man mal gelesen eutopa sollte, weil es, es schafft die Geschichte so gekonnt zu vermitteln. Leni never finds out. This is an incredibly captivating story. Germany Poland France [1] [2] [3]. At night, he calls his acquaintance to bring him clothes from his house.

Ruth Geffner: The Story of Solomon Perel

I hope that Sakly has had a good life since those dark days and I must confess to having an impish desire to have been a “fly on the wall” when he told everyone after the war just who and what he really was! Ich konnte und wollte einfach nicht verstehen, wie sich so viele Menschen derart ssally und steuern lassen konnten. Europa Europa New York: In July of Solomon sailed for the newly-declared state of Israel, where he fought in the War of Independence. One of the most fascinating and absorbing books I’ve ever read.

May 08, Carmen rated it really liked it Shelves: E, nonostante tutto, coabitavano nello stesso corpo e nella stessa anima. Schon in der Schulzeit interessierte mich alles um den 2. Robert, one of the soldiers and a homosexualsneaks in on “Jupp” when he finally manages a euroa bath. The writing style felt stilted. To pretend to be the enemy and become one of their respected members is hard on one’s spririt.

At sall it is even harder to hide his Jewish identity.

Solomon Perel – Wikipedia

He then calculates “Jupp”‘s anthropometric indices and pronounces him mixed but “pure Aryan stock”, to Jupp’s relieved surprise. Instead, he was sent to a Hitler Youth school in Braunschweig, where he continued to hide his Jewish identity, although as a circumcised Jew, he was constantly in danger of being discovered. Margot Pereel Dembo Translator. When he was captured by the German Wehrmacht in Minsk, he allegedly buried his identity papers and said he was Joseph Perjell, an ethnic German, whose parents were killed and his papers destroyed by the Russians.


It remains one of my favorite foreign films that I’ve seen. This topic was very interesting and brought up issues of how he dealt with his form of hiding during the war where he had to hide his identity from those around him and the effort it cost him.

She calls him a Schlappschwanz limp-dick and they break off. As a young boy wanting to survive, he is willing to go to perdl extremes to stay alive and adopts their ways to fit in. The film should not be confused with the Lars von Trier film Europawhich was initially released as Zentropa in the United States to avoid confusion.

He has to hide his identity completely, but one soldier who tries to make advances on him finds out that he is circumcised but promises not to tell.

europ November 14, France [1]. Das neue Cover dieser Auflage ist sehr gut gestaltet. His new identity took on a life of its own: Solek tries to disguise his circumcision with string and rubber bands in various painful ways to simulate a foreskin.