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I shall allude to other colors in another section. It is not yet too late to retrieve, and by one of those rapid and eccentric movements in literature, which the great off of Bonaparte was wont to receive in war, to change the whole features of the campaign.

They resolved, themselves, after their agitation, into their own natural element.

We expect that you will understand our compulsion in these books. She strangely interested me; and I left the Halle with but one glass, where I had intended to drink at least a dozen. Poor wretches who disgrace the forms they bear by speaking of woman as if she were nothing but a target for filthy tongues to hurl their venom at; or, at best, as destined victims to their own abominable lubricity; mere extinguishers of the bale-fires rioting in their own veins,—the venomous fever-passions of their own gross natures, and far more ignoble than those of the four-footed dogs that run our streets.

So almost universal is this foul talk, to be heard everywhere, at any time,—ribald, coarse, obscene, and altogether devilish,—that thee is no wonder that the public mind is debauched and totally demoralized. Among all who have euils lived, none have worked harder, or accomplished more good for mankind than that class of men known in all time as Mystics, foremost among whom was, and is, that branch of them known as Hermetists,—men of mark; Pythagorean.

For instance, who historg those who peruse this essay would believe, save on most indubitable evidence, that the very flower of one, nay, two of the leading nations of the world this day do homage to the emblem of Womanhood? Justin added it Oct 28, Ten years’ difference is a deal too much, and five the limit, save in the case of bloodless girls and very magnetic men; in which union the female thrives on the fresh vitality of the man.

That the creative function is the highest force in us, as it is in and of the Deity, admits of no denial; for it ought to be, if it is not, a perfectly self-evident proposition, axiomatic in its nature, and therefore requiring no attempt toward its demonstration; for it is palpably clear that two principles are interwoven and reciprocally acting and reacting upon each other everywhere and in all things in the universe whereof we know.

We are too pure to sully our souls, no matter how great the temptation may be. Nor is this all, for every escapade mingles magnetisms more or less; and a man in New York in may feel the life going out of him day by day, himself not even suspecting that a dozen or more women in as many different parts of the earth, or even from the spaces, are at that instant thinking of him, yearning for him, voluntarily or not, and are drawing out his soul just as easily and surely as he drew their life through honeyed lips ten, twenty, or thirty years before; wherefore libertinism and cyprianism are attended with strange penalties.


A true negro never reaches a stage of mental development enabling him to master metaphysics; nor at maturity does he ever surpass in capacity the adolescent average Anglo-Saxon; but in the power of maintaining love at high tide he can discount all the white races of the globe!

The demand for novelty, “variety,” or change in love matters, is not a part of my being, and only foiled zealots—feminine—and worse things in male shape, ever started such malignant slanders against me,—human perverts of both genders, who, failing to induce me to pervert certain knowledge and powers to their base ends and systems, sought to injure me uistory the meanest and most contemptible of all possible scandal.

Every member realized that the flowers gathered from the graves of dead years must be preserved as a wreath to crown the age to come.

Eulis! the History of Love – Wikisource, the free online library

And now, in this, probably the last book but one or two which I shall ever write, I desire, not to make a confessionfor I am proud of the truths alone I delved for,and brought up from the zem—zem of mystery—but to make a statement and explanation. True, there are among the lower types and forms lovs organic life, a few llve exceptions, as the so-called hermaphrodites; but, in reality, such are apparent only; for examination in the light of modern science proves all such organisms to be a union of the two principles in a single body, and not a oof, by any means; and that the male side fecundates the other.

There are and have been malformations claimed to be proofs of dual gender, but they were really one or the other. Histogy cannot absorb, reciprocate or assimilate him, or aught pertaining to him, magnetically, or in any other way; and she even loathes the food he dotes on, and the liquids he consumes to keep his unnatural fever up. We are entering the dark realm of the slumbering ages.

Terrie marked it as to-read Feb 11, It is but one of millions, this very day, transpiring in thousands of places the wide world over, and is the legitimate result of ,ove wrong relations subsisting between the mated, or rather, mismated marriagees of the earth!

It arose in a princely act, rightly considered princely, when the real, delicate, inexpressibly high-bred motive and its circumstances are understood, which motive is systematically and properly concealed.

And I am so changing it!

Eulis, the History of Love

One thing is certain: From such unions as these spring a class of children so utterly angular and deficient that the hte is ot ever find thr at all on earth, or enjoy a happy hour. Millions hitory the accursed thing to-day that they may be childless, as indeed they deserve to be; for he who does that heinous wrong commits a quadruple crime, against his wife, himself, nature and God; to say nothing about the right of all souls to be incarnated by the act of man.


The result is histry imaginative and mechanical forces: Unless love equals passion, marriage rites are never right; that’s all! My reasons will be seen further on in this work; but before we come to that, I wish live this point once for all to say that I believe in free speech, and wide-spread agitation of all questions, social and sexual included; but while I champion the rightI by no means espouse the cause of those champions, for I must abide by the laves of my own individuality, and it is my firm belief that love-variety in any shape is euis to soul and body, and that the highest point of human power can only be reached by those who are amatively true to each other; for purity alone is the price of power, the secret of soul-might, and it is the coin accepted at God’s exchange for such glories as he keeps especially for true and earnest souls.

The strongest force, mental power, and creative energy in the domains of science, art, philosophy, and literature everywhere, is invariably manifested by those who have the most loved and loving mother in them—people whose feminine or magnetic side entirely balances, or slightly overweighs the electric or masculine moiety of their being.

I may, and probably shall, ere long, be numbered with the armies of the dead; and who then will give Randolph’s thoughts to the world? All these versed in the shoals and depths of reasoning?

She was gaily chatting with her paramour, a gallant young fellow, who stood near her, and on whom she gazed with unutterable tenderness, volupty and love. Russell Books Ltd Condition: We are pleased with the Platos, but we worship the Christs. In all ages there have been men cut out after a different pattern from their contemporaries, and who, for that reason, had and have a different destiny to fulfil.

Its bones are harder, firmer, more solid than is right; its cranium is broader, flatter, thicker, and dense as those of a grown man; and if the young mother escapes forceps-delivery, or a still worse operation, she may consider herself a fortunate woman.

No pangs follow the celebration of the rites of holy love, nor judicious use of the divine, but abused, faculties of our nature.

Eulis! the History Of Love

Just as sex runs through all nature so does it obtain of nations, tribes, peoples and ages; some are entirely female or male in their genius, art, literature, and general specialties; and so plainly does this truth manifest itself that I do not care to occupy time in proving it.

There’s a little shame-facedness too, but not much. Nor are they all dead yet.