Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall. Gasparski, W., & Dietl, J. (Eds.). (). Business ethics in action. Experience and perspectives [Etyka biznesu w działaniu. Wprowadzenie do etyki biznesu. Warszawa: PWN. Gasparski, W. Etyka biznesu – szkice do portretu. In Etyka Biznesu, J. Dietl and W. Gasparski (eds.). “Academy of Management Review”, No. 37(2), Lewicka-Strzałecka A.: Etyka biznesu jako dyscyplina naukowa, [w:] Dietl J., Gasparski W.: Etyka biznesu .

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Corporate Social Irresponsibility, [in: Corporate social performance and organizational attractiveness to prospective employees.

Social role conceptions and CSR policy success. Beyond the myth of corporate responsibility.

Exploring the relationship between earnings management and corporate social responsibility. Find it on Scholar. In the paper there are explained basic notions connected with business ethics such as CSR corporate social responsibilityCSI corporate social irresponsibility and CSP corporate social performance.

Wojciech Gasparski, red. nauk. Biznes, etyka, odpowiedzialność, Podręcznik akademicki

Sobiecki [] — R. Gasparski [] — W. Purchasing and social responsibility: Habermas [] — J. Proceedings of the International Business Association, Conference, What Drives Cosporate Social Performance?


Axiological transformation of leisure time in the educational context. You can have knowledge while learning ethics; which is moral and correct, but one can not learn a just course that would meet generally accepted norms.

Habermas, Erkenntnis und Interesse. Abstract This article is an attempt at a meta-ethical description of ethics in economic life. The author discusses relations between those concepts, conducts the literature review and shows the theoretical background for the presented discussion.

Ethics in organization management

The “Ethics in Business” as a sense of business ethics. Spiro Press, Rollinsford, NH Measuring Teyka Social Performance: Corporate social and financial performance: The term “ethics” comes from the Greek word ethos, meaning character, custom, habit, and in a similar language perspective also place, domination.

Klemensa Szaniawskiego teoria decyzji w zakresie. Diametros5 etykq, Trout [] — J. Sosenko, Kwestia zastosowania etyki w ekonomii, w: University of Groningen, Groningen Are socially responsible managers really ethical?

BazEkon – The Main Library of the Cracow University of Economics

Sign in to use this feature. Dylus [] — A. This article is an attempt at a meta-ethical description of ethics in economic life. Blackwell, Malden, MA, Ethics is a science about morality. Corporate Social Performance Revisited.


Critical Rationalism in Ethics of Economic Life | Diametros

Downloads Download data is not yet available. CSR at the heart of business. Ethical theory and stakeholder-related decisions: Can Business Ethics Really Exist? Business Ethics – Concepts’ Review. A stakeholder framework for analysing and evaluating corporate social performance.

Notes to a discussionDiametros: Mit einem neuem Nachwort, w: Corporate Social Performance – reflecting on the past and investing in the future. Simbierowicz, PWN, Warszawa Nie wizerunek, lecz renoma. Emerald Group Publishing Limited, The CSR bottom line: An International Review”, No. Gasparski, PWN, Warszawa Corporate governance, values management and standards: Do business Ethical Attitudes mature as individuals Get Older?

Gry i zachowania nieetyczne w organizacji, Warszawa: Critical Rationalism in Ethics of Economic Life. His concept of the humane factor is treated here as a key tool in the study of social phenomena.