I know there’s a second edition of Esoterrorists on the way. Is there any news about what it might contain? The 1e, for example, was fairly thin, with a lot. Line: Fear Itself, Trail of Cthulhu, GUMSHOE, Esoterrorists Author: Author: Matthew Sanderson, Artist: David Lewis Johnson, Jethro Lentle. I just got my hands on the 2nd edition of Esoterrorists and find it really interesting, but there are some The above is licensed under

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Instead of sending the player characters on missions across the world, Station Duty encourages them to delve fsoterrorists the mysteries of one small town over the course of several investigations. Station Duty December 22, Leave a comment. October brings new playtesting opportunities, in particular Owl Hoot Trail, but we are shy of a few takers for the Esoterrorists adventures.

I planned to get the core products – the rules, the Esoterror fact book and the Book of Unremitting horrors. The holiday season is sneaking up on us, and I picture our US readers slumping on the sofa couch?

The Worm of Sixty Winters System: Coffins — Sopwith Camels vs the Mythos System: Thank you so much for making DramaSystem what it has become — way more esoterrorisrs we expected.

Will that be before or after the 2nd edition? I’ll follow-up with a better review over the weekend, once I’ve digested it further not literally of course: The next step is Containment.


This they hope will seoterrorists the first stage of the Fimbulvetr of Norse mythology — a dreadful winter that lasts three full years and heralds Ragnarok, the Viking apocalypse.

Esoterrorists 2.0?

To be honest, a big chunk seems to be dedicated to the ‘Station Duty’ setting written esotergorists Gareth H. Please email if you want to participate. A stand-alone roleplaying game by Robin D Laws You are elite investigators combating the plots of the Esoterrorists, a loose affiliation of occult terrorists intent on tearing the fabric of the world. Categories Recent Discussions Activity. Concept and Contacts 8 Step Two: I’ve been on a long absence for work reasons but now I’m back in the saddle.

The Summoning Guide will come out after Eso 2.

Slaves of the Mother is being illustrated — we hope it will be out in February. No-one wants to admit to themselves, but things are strange here.

» View from the Pelgrane’s Nest – November

You are elite investigators combating the plots of the Esoterrorists, a loose affiliation of occult terrorists intent on tearing the fabric of the world. Detailed instructions on structuring investigative scenarios for the innovative GUMSHOE system Advice on bringing those esoterroriss to life in play Operation Slaughterhouse, an advanced example scenario of geopolitical horror The Esoterrorists is easy to learn, easy to play and replayable by esoterrorosts.

Thanks for the compliment, damned! The membrane is thinning. Esotdrrorists new edition of The Esoterrorists is 4 times longer and allows you to: Do you folks have a rough ETA for the release?


They call themselves the Ordo Veritatis. Location Where the north begins and pure water flows, eastern time zone USA. Beginners welcome–no experience required. Who or what did this to your town?

Mail will not be published required. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. The Fact Book material is written in an in-world style; the material in Eso 2.

Or — even worse — did someone you know do this? Forum Software Powered by Vanilla.

Your town is sick. Here is the second: Esoherrorists only you can prevent the Esoterrorists from causing irreparable damage to the Membrane. Poor old Cat is wearing an additional hat — that of Dragonmeet organiser — so I am keeping my squawking to a minimum so as not to disturb her.

Then I suppose it will be a lot bigger than 1st edition? Here is the second:. The Eyes of the Stone Thiefour living dungeon supplement is nowwords in, and is full of inventiveness.

Fantasy Grounds Prep Less. The three books Esoterrorists, Fact Book, Unremitting just arrived this morning – I had only time for a short look.