Jo Bowman. An overall picture of apparent stability in the global market research business emerges from ESOMAR’s just-released annual. Esomar Global Market Research Report Asia Research | October The global market research turnover grew to US.1 billion in , representing a . imperfections. Authors, editors and ESOMAR do not accept responsibility for the Welcome to the Global Market Research. Report, covering . %. Turnover US$m. Net growth (%). %. %.

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Turkey stands out, as do Mexico which is recovering from tough economic timesIndonesia which saw research turnover rise 9. In the developing world, which has been responsible for maintaining growth globally for many multinationals while more established markets have struggled, some of the biggest countries are facing a slowdown in growth, and next-tier markets are showing robust growth, albeit from a small base.

If they can wrangle the rest of the industry to take the learnings from this report to heart to help navigate all of the market complexities MR is facing then they will absolutely deserve the support of us all. Learn more about Cookies. The UK kept hold of second place, despite declines in Including this disparate group of folks to share their thinking on a variety of topics related to the health mariet growth of the industry was a bold move by ESOMAR.

Every category other than sample providers experienced globsl, with Communities, Syndicated Eosmar and Survey Software experiencing double-digit growth. In addition to having to get to grips with a new set of government regulations when entering a new market, there are also basic business questions about the rule of law and the movement of funds in and out that need answering.

There is more thought leadership and strategic impact in that commentary section than you usually find in most industry reports. Take a good look, because it is very likely next year or the year after that they will look very, very different.

Why IRI is included by Dunnhumby is not is a bit baffling; they certainly should qualify. Load More… Follow on Instagram.

Come back to the blog or resewrch your email for more details on GRIT. The economic recovery expected there in failed to materialise, government spending on research declined, clients brought a greater proportion of research in house, and a greater share of what remained was done online, with a dampening effect on earnings. You are currently reading: It also features interviews with respected industry figures, both research suppliers and client-side executives, on how the business is dealing with change — and what remains to be done if research is to keep pace with the increasingly mobile, data-driven world.


New horizons Research agencies naturally want to be where the big clients are going, but, as GfK consumer experiences COO and member of the management board Debbie Pruent explains, when money is tight, there needs to be a balance between investment in new markets and the scale of business that is available there.

Bulgaria features in the top 10 online markets because of its role as an outsourcing hub for work conducted in other countries. I agree to receive emails with insights-related content from GreenBook. Becky Sandler is 23 and has been working in market research in Glogal York for two years.

Expert insights into the questions around big data and the rise of mobile research.

Top-line findings Market research turnover increases in 49 countries or sub-regions inand declines in It looks at which of the so-called Next Eleven growth markets show the strongest growth potential. An overwhelming majority of respondents to the GMR questionnaire see a stronger business year in They go on to outline the sectors that they will be working with industry partners especially Outsell, whom I have discussed this issue with extensively as well to investigate as candidates to continue to refine their segmentation.

Looking at the related category market sizing estimates above that is borne out. Yet behind this headline figure of seeming steadiness are hugely disparate stories of massive gains in some markets and severe pain eso,ar others.

Thank you for your insights.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Fast-growing emerging resewrch buoyed the global market research industry and countered losses and sluggish performances elsewhere in It also features interviews with respected industry figures on the changing shape of the research industry as advancing technology, economic flux and political upheaval transform the business landscape.

Europe saw 21 markets decline as the eurozone continued to struggle.

Esomar Global Market Research Report 2013

You can tell equally convincing stories that say the opposite of each other based on very similar data. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The folks included in the commentary sections are:. A significant majority of respondents to the GMR questionnaire see a stronger business year in If someone has an estimate, please let me know Cheers. As with big data, one of the greatest challenges of mobile marker is interpretation.


Brazil, which a year earlier rocketed up Global Market Research report industry. You and some others may consider this blatant self promotion but the way I see it is: Get great insights content delivered straight to your inbox.

This puts it on a joint footing with Asia-Pacific, which grew 4.

New Horizons … Fresh Challenges. Global Market Research – RW Connect

Market force Information Inc. At the same time, a number of markets which had braced for big falls because of broader economic instability were not as hard hit as might have been expected. There desearch over companies in the social media listeing space alone and some have been around since Brazil and its BRIC cousin China maintain their presence in the 10 biggest research markets in the world, though China, another boom market inslipped down the list of top-performing Asian markets in the latest survey.

But there are limits to what big data can currently yield, warns Stephen Needel, managing partner of US-based Advanced Eskmar. I historically have found eaomar various reports produced by industry associations underwhelming. Now that the internet has enabled small businesses to do market research too. The total number of acquisitions by the biggest 25 firms was 24, and there were three divestitures.

The report is packed with industry data and analysis of the hottest growth markets, the fastest-growing companies, the most significant mergers and acquisitions, and the most promising signs of optimism. While online research was once viewed with some scepticism by established research firms, the industry is coming to accept that it comprises a very different range of people and services than it did even a couple of years ago.

The folks included in the commentary sections are: The other rising star in Europe was Turkey, more than ten times the size of the Latvian research industry, and its