Erasmo y España, estudios sobre la historia espiritual del siglo XVI. by Bataillon, Marcel. Publication date Topics Erasmus, Desiderius, d. Erasmo y España, Volume 1. Front Cover. Marcel Bataillon. Fondo de Cultura Erasmo y España: estudios sobre la historia espiritual del siglo XVI. Marcel. Erasmo y España. Front Cover. Marcel Bataillon Erasmo y España: estudios sobre la historia espiritual del siglo XVI. Marcel Bataillon Snippet view –

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Fier habit was to work back and forward between the trade and the flocks that supplied it, her main interests seeming to lie sometimes in the English countryside and sometimes among the merchants. It is not possible to think of economic history during the last fifty years either egasmo Britain or the wider world without Munia Postan.

She worked her, way along lines of her own choosing. Meanwhile, Trevelyan and his family had left London for semi-rural Berkhamsted.

Hospitality as con- ducted at 20, Mecklenburgh Square, was as delicate and generous as everything else in the house. Of a different class, the three volumes of Tudor Economic Documentsedited for students with Professor Tawney, did not give her the chance of showing constructive qualities.

Besides, there were aspects of economic life which always remained a little mysterious to her: These feelings also informed his last biography, Grey of Fallodonan elegiac evocation of the British foreign secretary —16who was another Northumberland landowner and nature-lover, and a firm upholder of decent standards in public life.

Be the first to review this item Amazon Bestsellers Rank: The vitality was batxillon physical. Her rooms marel full of beautiful things, mostly Chinese. This took a less partisan view of politics than his earlier writings, and accepted that it was not only the whigs, but also the tories, who had contributed to the development of the nation.

For him the true glory of lay in its tolerant moderation, and in its long-lasting and beneficent effects. Scott, on The Design and Development of Weapons: He spoke his mind with forthright independence, and to all except his closest friends he could be an intimidating figure.

He was a Fellow of Peterhouse from until his death. Studies in Government and Industrial Organization.

The Review, of which she was never an editor but always a member of the editorial committee, gave every opportunity for utilising and widening all these international connections. I suspect that her reading of them was a reading in them; and for Marshall I would not guarantee that.

She was compact of loyalties, to institutions, to ideas, above baatillon to people. Eileen Power was already the obvious deputy. But he had little doubt that another war with Germany would come, and that whatever the result, a second such conflict in his lifetime erasmp spell the end of the world as he had known it.


Erasmo y España – Marcel Bataillon – Google Books

A towering figure academically, marecl exerted his influence on colleagues and students by the force of a dynamic but benign personality. In the end there were few English historians better known outside England. Towards the end of his time as master of Trinity, Trevelyan published An Autobiography and other Essaysin which he wrote very guardedly about his inner life, and rather inadequately about his work, his art, and his craft.

As the contributors come from ten different countries, it will be understood that there were editorial difficulties even before September, As a man and a personality, Postan was direct, alert, and perceptive, with an impish humour, quick eraso his feet intellectually, deploying an incomparable intelligence and a marvellous command of English, which had an idiosyncratic style to espaz whether in speech or writing.

The year, however, no doubt contributed to that command of foreign languages which was the envy of his colleagues. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? In this endeavour he was astonishingly successful, as the prodigious sales of his books gave him a cultural authority unrivalled among his generation of historians. As he interpreted it, the seventeenth century witnessed fundamental advances in religious toleration and parliamentary freedom, the forces of Catholic despotism were vanquished, and Great Britain gradually evolved towards the status of a world power.

Trevelyan had successfully adjusted to the changed and less propitious circumstances of the inter-war years, but he did not find the s an easy decade.

For all his early whig and liberal biases, there is no evidence that Trevelyan knowingly distorted historical evidence to support the case he wanted to make. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Ricardo was not nor, I think, Jevons. In conformity with family precedent, Trevelyan was educated at Harrow School, where Winston Churchill was a near contemporary.

Increasingly in his later years Postan turned to music, particularly to opera, and in music and poetry, in particular, the heritage of his native country stayed vividly alive, although he became English by adoption in personal style, and in political and social values.

Erasmo y España, estudios sobre la historia espiritual del siglo XVI

The book sold exceptionally well, and provided the definitive account of the English past for the inter-war generation and beyond. Meanwhile there had begun a scholarly partnership which was to become closer in time. In his imaginative insight and eloquent reconstruction of past people and events he was unrivalled among historians of his generation, and his sense of the transience and tragedy of life gives his best writing esaa poetic power and a haunting resonance that have never been equalled since.


Por el contrario, la consideraremos como el marecl de diversos factores que no deben ser condenados.

He had a total commitment to ideas and had read so widely in philosophy and social theory that he was never trapped within any system of thought. No doubt a certain distaste for that life as it is pursued here, which Eileen Power always retained, was due in part to its tainted flavour during those four harsh years from to The first Trevelyan lectures were given inat which Trevelyan himself made one of his mracel public appearances.

Visit our Help Pages. Scholarship, conviction, and enthusiasm always ran together, whether in his research, in music, or as a collector of porcelain. The woman professor is not very common, even yet, even in London. In the timing of this trilogy Trevelyan was exceptionally lucky, for the publication of the Garibaldi books almost exactly coincided with the high noon of Edwardian Liberalism.

But I will think of her in the garden of the house that they had just built not very far from mine, gay through all matcel distress, enjoying with the zest of a girl what was to her a new outdoor activity and surrounded by her springing flowers. She spent the best years of her mature life in an atmosphere well impregnated with preferences and margins, various sorts of -polies, and all sorts reasmo mathematical refine- ments in statistics, but retained an amused indifference to the finer and less human issues, combined with respect and affection for those who argue about them and a settled loyalty to the School of which they and she were parts.

A year later he became high steward of Cambridge, as Macaulay had been before him; in he was elected president of the Historical Association; in he was elected FRS; and in he was president of the English Association.

She wandered into other countrysides in order to prepare and eventually to publish inin Vol. He was devoid of vanity, pretence, or pomposity, he was free of envy or small-mindedness, he was outstandingly public-spirited, and he was a generous marcep to people and causes in which he believed.