Libro del desasosiego has ratings and reviews. Ahmad said: Livro do Desassossego = The Book of Disquiet, Fernando PessoaThe Book of Disquie . Atribuida por su autor a Bernardo Soares, «personalidad literaria» de quien dijo Pessoa «soy yo menos el raciocinio y la afectividad», esta maravilla es el. Find great deals for Libro Del Desasosiego by Fernando Pessoa (Hardcover). Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Myron by Gore Vidal was a book which I once threw out in unquenchable contempt. But to inflict this viewpoint on Pessoa is a bit of a simplification. He loved and loathed himself equally.

However, there is another category where this book falls under. So, much as I respect all the people I know who rated this book highly, I’m leaving it as unfinished.

This is one of many similar statements which Ffernando makes within, but was the most convenient for me to quickly access. For then, for them, Tiny incidents Are imbued with Great significance. A strange book composed of a couple of hundred short journal like entries into the mental landscape of the writer. Incoherent and inconsistent, but occasionally interesting, and mostly well written.

I definitely prefer it this way.

Unfortunately, I don’t actually like it that much. At the very least, the book inevitably causes the reader to begin similarly reflecting on his own life, becoming more aware of how he is like and unlike other people, of how other people might also feel and think.

Ma proprio il potente strumento della parola richiede una cura, un lavoro di cesello, una rilettura costante che in questo libro mancano. But how can one understand Pessoa when he himself never managed pesosa do the same? I see that the Penguin classic version of the book has pages, while the Serpent’s tail version of it has only pages.

After Pessoa died, a trunk filled with his unpublished and unfinished writings was found. I don’t know what to think or what I am.


Libro del desasosiego

And it would seem, judging from the reviews at Amazon, that people who like the book, are not happy with their lives. And that’s why the object of my close and constant study is the same common humanity that I loathe and stay away from. I don’t want to be precious about the definition of the word “novel”. There are phrases from literary works that have a positively human personality. Desasosieto against my wishes, what I feel is felt in order for me to write it down.

Forced to choose between reading Chateubriand or Vieira, I would choose Vieira without a moment’s hesitation. Tedium desasosiegp not a sickness brought on by the boredom of having nothing to do, but the worse sickness of feeling that nothing is worth doing.

He is exasperated with his surroundings and yet, is thankful for them. The Book of Disquiet is less a novel, more the diary of a sensitive and reflective outsider: I have walked away from books in hatred before. It is sometimes said that the four greatest Portuguese poets of modern times are Fernando Pessoa. Published by Seix Barral first published There are images tucked away in books that live more vividly than many men and women.

He dreams about dreaming. There is an atom of potential in this thing, and when atoms are split they can level cities. How can I give this book four stars when there are such disagreeable libr I love it because I hate it.

Must be the result of years of li This is not the sort of book that you need to read from the beginning to the end, in that order. April – The Book of Disquiet 7 27 Apr 18, Fernando Pessoa was Portuguese and, as it is written, an author in the symbolist tradition. The rest, the remainder–being what wasn’t in his lone book or the sections occasionally tossed out to the public via easily discarded folios–was written almost in secret and kept in a trunk which was not discovered until after Fernando’s death.


Libro del desasosiego by Fernando Pessoa (2 star ratings)

Its beauty resides in the quality of writing, which can be enjoyed by all readers with a metaphysical bent. I feel bad about shooting down this “masterpiece of the twentieth century literate,” but I found most of Libto musings pointless and uninteresting, even when his prose is at times very beautiful.

What I’m getting at here is that I dessasosiego no idea what being a Symbolist means in the slightest. Many items liro drawn from the content of the foreword–the thirty-five page long foreword–which goes into great detail describing his hidden genius. I doubt I will remember much because there basically is no structured story which would allow for memorable elements to place the various poems on various topics.

It’s a viable defense mechanism for a lot of people, and I find that, usually, those who can be self-deprecating in a humorous way are some of the most “centered,” emotionally healthy people I know.

Libro Del Desasosiego by Fernando Pessoa (Hardcover)

Not the best way to choose a book, of course, but when you’re picking up an unknown title by an author you’ve never heard of, it sometimes seems as good as any. He was a fully-fledged persona, clearly differentiated from Pessoa and many other heteronyms he used to imagine and write other discrete aspects of his work.

At times ebullient with joy, at times succumbed with sadness, this understated tapestry of febrile ruminations is sure to strike a chord with everyone at certain meeting points: Pessoa definitely has his own rhythm, his own voice.