El Eternauta tells the story of Juan Salvo and a group of survivors of an alien invasion. A unknown race of aliens are invading earth an use others slave alien. At the end, the comic writer wonders, is telling the story enough? Perhaps not, but El Eternauta © Héctor Germán Oesterheld and Francisco Solano López. El Eternauta (Eternity Traveller). Real Name: Juan Salvo. Identity/Class: Human mutate. Occupation: Factory owner (factory manufactured electrical transformers).

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The true hero of El Eternauta is a collective hero, a human group.

In late Oesterheld was also taken by the government, held and tortured for a period of months, before finally becoming one of the more than 30, disappeared. In a series cmoic events that seems too tragic to be believable, all four of Hector and Elsa Oesterheld’s daughters were assassinated or disappeared in and Anna Kemper is the co-curator of the exhibition.

A passing ICBM convinces Favalli and Franco that a larger global war is starting, and that they can’t return empty-handed. El Eternautawearing the improvised hazard suit and surrounded by the deadly “snow”. Two of them were pregnant. Buenos Aires is leveled by a nuclear warhead. Its literariness is part of what has made this a lasting erernauta, capturing the imagination of readers, writers, and artists for over fifty years.

Word of God says that an English edition was printed somewhen in Britain, probably in the seventies, but if so, it is so rare it has become almost an Urban Legend.

Graphic Lit

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He disappeared inbelieved abducted by government forces.


Only his widow and two grandsons survived, the youngest boy recovered from government custody after being born while his mother was in prison. The Avant publishing house wants to publish but, like the first part, on English — when exactly that will be, however, is not yet clear. Oesterheld’s work took on increasingly political tones in the s and s, and he, along with his four daughters two of whom were eteenauta at the timewere arrested by the Argentinean military government.


The Eternonaut – Words Without Borders

This first story, of over pages, is the best known of the many featuring this time-traveler. Get Known if you don’t have an account. Oesterheld by this time was well-known throughout the country, and the Spanish-speaking world, as the creator of The Eternonaut.

Me fascinaba la idea de una familia que quedaba sola en el mundo, rodeada de muerte y de un enemigo ignorado e inalcanzable. The progeny of The Eternonaut don’t stop there.

Despite its original episodic publication, The Eternonaut is a carefully mapped single narrative, framed with the insertion of Oesterheld himself as the comic writer at the beginning and end of the story. The contrast between the oppressive hopelessness of the situation and the near-miraculous survival and triumph of the protagonists is pointed and political. He will there encounter Juan Salvo, along with his family and the members of the village of Las Cuavas, threatened by Them.

Argentine comic figure as a folk hero. During this time, Salvo meets and befriends a few of his fellow soldiers, namely Franco, a lathe operator, and Mosca, a journalist. The story is set about a decade into the future where a deadly snowfall suddenly strikes. Oesterheld indicated that the protagonists were always a group of people – sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller – something he terms a “group hero” or “hero-in-group.


The Eternaut – Wikipedia

Besides Argentina, the last original edition is available in Spain too. Pilcher, Tim and Brad Brooks. His range of subject matter, and distinctive illustrating style, has earned him international renown as one of the most inventive illustrators in Latin America. Una noche, como tantas, juega al truco en su casa con sus amigos, Favalli, Lucas y Polsky.

This page was last edited on 31 Octoberat The Eternonaut is a seminal work of Latin American literature. Other authors have continued the saga. As the story develops, the U. The daughters were murdered, told the family later.

A second version of this same story was published in Gente magazine beginning in May of By the time he published the sequel, he and his daughters had joined the Montoneros leftist guerrilla group. Directors such as Adolfo AristarainFernando Solanas or Gustavo Mosquera expressed interest in a film adaptation, [10] but could not manage reasonable production costs.

It became an open critique of dictatorial regimes and United States’ imperialism. Oesterheld returned to El Eternauta with a remake and a sequel, published in andrespectively.

He specializes in contemporary Spanish and Spanish American literature and culture, and his research interests include history of publishing and book trade, and graphic novels. He produced artwork for a number of eteranuta in Madrid and London after fleeing from Argentina to avoid potential arrest.

Title pop Articles with Spanish-language external links. These works included Galaxus: