Hi everyone! First time posting. Does anyone have opinions on the Drawmer M?. Find great deals for Drawmer M Stereo Compressor Limiter Auto-pan Gate De-esser and Expander. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Drawmer M dynamics processor in excellent little rack rash, very clean, some scratches top and bottom lidOnly minor use in smoke free.

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In the studio, any analogue audio source from mono to stereo to full surround can be handled in one unit. Write a user review Ask for a user review. If you don’t get an e-mail with your access data, please make sure that you have already registered with us. By offering a choice of both modes, the DSL is capable of outstanding results in a very wide range of studio and live sound situations.

By using circuit elements drawn from existing top-of-the-line Drawmer products and by simplifying the control systems where possible, the MX Pro range is no less sophisticated than our other units, despite the price tag. Either the individual channels or the mixed stereo outputs can be routed to the Digital convertors. Alternatively the unit can be re-configured at the push of a button to provide dynamic control and speaker protection without image-shift for the fast developing surround sound speaker rigs employed in the club dance scene.

This means that true phasing can occur at several points in the sweep from min to max delay as each main delay tap in turn cancels the signal from the auxilliary delay. This facility is extremely valuable both in live sound applications, for driver protection, and in digital recording where an absolute maximum recording level exists.

Two variable controls to add warmth dawmer sparkle to the signal with no increase in the overall signal level. Intelligence to prevent ‘parameter abuse’.

Did you forget your password? Separate analogue output level controls on both Channel and Stereo Mix outputs. A further 3 signals can be patched into the mix section via the rear panel.

Account Account My account My order history My wish list. They are very underrated IMHO as most people dismiss them too quickly without getting to know them. The Drawmer LX20 is designed to serve the needs regardless of the size and quality of the studio.


However, by using out proprietary Multiple Converter Technology, we have produced a 24 bit A – D conversion package with a massive dB dynamic range and extremely low distortion.

Each digital output has selectable word length of 16 or 24 bits, with automatic dither generation. Here is the link to the Drawmer archives that tells you all about it: Logged stickman Newbie Offline Posts: It is rack mountable and will only take up a single rack space. In the Auto mode the unit is capable of tracking the signal level thereby enabling the filter to continue to operate successfully during fade ups and downs.

Three switched attenuation levels of dB, dB and dB. Expander to eliminate low level noise. If you want to offer us some equipment for purchase or trade in some gear, please refer to the “purchase” section. Our most versatile product, the HQ preamp and D-A converter straddles both the pro-audio and hi-fi markets, functioning in the pro audio market as a monitor controller, as well as serving as a source preamp in high-end hi-fi systems.

Drawmer M500

Add to my wishlist. A different combination of effects and parameters can be assigned for each of its two channels. The MX40 Pro features proprietary ‘Peak Punch’ circuitry which adds unique dynamic enhancement to the leading edge of percussive material, adding true ‘punch’ to the performance.

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Drawmer M500 Stereo Compressor Limiter Auto-pan Gate De-esser and Expander

If you have multiple pieces of digital equipment in your studio, whether professional or a mixture of professional and consumer, M-Clock is probably the most effective upgrade you can make for anything like the price. Three switched ratio settings of 1: This makes it possible to have a main output sample rates of up to kHz with another running at Signal processing functions are as follows: It’s not the easiest dynamic processor that I’ve ever used, and definitely takes some time to get used to.


Eight element GR meter. A lot of people automatically don’t like it because of its interface, ie not the usual drawmer knobs, but if you can get past that its quite a rdawmer unit and sounds great to me.

Dual mono or stereo modes. This means your draqmer is as pure as possible throughout the recording, editing, and mixing stages. I sorta inherited one when I moved to my current studio. With M-Clock, all your ‘pro’ and consumer digital equipment can run in the same system, locked to the same clock, with no worries about finding a suitable sync source. Previous product Product 3 of 4 Next product.

It has many features, it is all digital inside, has compressor, limiter, de-esser, gate, can be used as stereo or dual mono, has fast drawmef slow m050, auto gain compensation. This makes the DSL ideally suited for use over a wide range of input signals, ranging from drums and other percussive instruments through to vocals, pianos and even complete mixes. Three-Sum – Multi-Band Interface. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services.

moosers’s review – Drawmer M – Audiofanzine

You could get it for fairly cheap Drawmwr is, the attack and release controls of it ar so whacky that I pretty much haven’t found a use for it yet. The benefits of multi-band processing, with the ability to ddrawmer different parameters to different sections of the audio bandwidth have been apparent to sound engineers for quite some time.

Most 24 bit A – D converters are hard pushed to give 19 bit resolution – the other five bits are essentially marketing bits.

This product is not sold individually. The Drawmer M is a digital, multi-effects dynamic processor that’s designed for use in the studio. A different combination of effects and parameters can be assigned for each of its two channels. M – Midi Management System. By buying this product you can collect up to 25 loyalty points. Separate Channel and Mix output metering.