Draeger PA94 Plus Basic. Designed for professional use when working where smoke or toxic gases are present. Weight is concentrated on the hips, which is. Draeger items are stock in PITTSBURGH, PA and standard ground orders ship in 3 business days. SCBA PA94 PLUS BASIC W/QD. The Drager PA94 Plus is a flexible and cost effective self contained compressed air breathing apparatus, which comes complete with a top of the range air.

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Draeger PA94 Plus Basic – Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

The reducer body is small and lightweight and hose connections allow easy servicing. It comes complete with a wrap around baskc cover for added impact protection and is easy to service, clean and disinfect.

VH2N 03 to Quality results can be achieved only by using. There is a simple pull sideways adjustment for the waistbelt with quick connect polyamide buckle and independent shoulder adjusting straps.

Drager PA94 Plus

High wearing and breathing comfort combined with safety and reliability in use explain the success story of this full face mask. But the work must continue. With its incredible three-dimensional range of motion, the knee can also be a source of pain.

Panorama Nova is basuc worldwide standard for generations. RH Activ is ergonomically designed through and through, as well as being exceptionally flexible More information. The shoulder draegeg and the optional comfort waist pad are constructed from a closed cell foam inner core with high aramid content covering material. Back To Last Page About.


Keep it for future reference. Safety Catheter is designed to reduce hit-and-miss insertion attempts by More information. To provide proper respiratory protection to Zagreb Fire Department personnel through the utilization of self-contained breathing apparatus S.

The PA94 Plus Basic has been developed using Drager’s world proven pneumatics and advanced components, providing exceptional wearer comfort and manoeuvrability in the most demanding of conditions.

The saving device in the form of a hood or a mask with the lung machine can be included in the package of the device. This BC is intended for use only by recreational divers who have successfully More information.

The height of the backrest can be adjusted with a simple push of a button. When used with compressed air systems optimum protection will be achieved. Filling of air cylinders 6 connection for bar and 2 connections for bar.

Two Stage Draeegr Reducer Assembly 4. There is a ‘switch off’ push button which is centrally positioned and contoured for easier location. Service compressor for recharching SCBA. There is a secure, proven, cam-lock mechanism and a composite material strap for strength and reliability.

Weight is concentrated on the hips, which is proven to reduce backstrain, stress and fatigue. Flat Dies and Feedblocks for the Extrusion Industry The world leader for proven processing solutions.


The reducer is service-free for 6 years. The Sensepoint range of flammable, toxic and oxygen gas detectors offer users a low cost solution to their gas monitoring needs.

Many different types of backpacks exist, and they are offered in a wide variety of colors, More information. We are proud of our.

Drager PA94 Plus Basic

Dareger is publishing the first edition of our product overview for More information. Now we can provide sheet and film processors a complete. Scott Safety, a business unit of Tyco International, is a premier manufacturer of innovative respiratory and other personal protective equipment and safety devices for industrial workers, fire and rescue.

Optionally, the apparatus can be supplied with Nitrox B to enable diving depths of 24 m.

Air and water hoses. Self Contained Breathing More information. Albert McGee 2 years ago Views: It uses the latest technology of More information. Continuous product development and investment in technology has produced an unrivalled range of compressed air breathing apparatus. Quality Test equipment is important to make sure equipment functions and is pplus as specified.