Definite descriptions, I shall argue, have two possible functions. 1] They are used to refer to what a speaker wishes to talk about, but they are also used quite. Keith Donnellan, “Reference and Definite Descriptions”. Due Feb 13, by 10am; Points 5; Submitting a discussion post; Available after Feb 2, at 12am. Keith Sedgwick Donnellan was an American philosopher and Professor ” Reference and Definite Descriptions” has been one of.

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This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Description of criterion. Retrieved from ” https: In this case, the proposition literally expressed is true, but what I intend to communicate is mistaken.


refreence And as we saw above even in languages that deploy determiners, it is not clear that the determiners are behaving as quantificational operators. If natural kinds like species and sub-species can bear the parthood relation to one another, then one can extend the Sharvy parthood operator to these cases as well.

Request descritpions from index. Whatever the ultimate disposition of these cases, it is fair to say that there are more issues here than whether pronouns are to be treated as standing proxy for definite descriptions or indefinite descriptions. In the case of 46for example, we are saying Lufthansa is the most German airline of German airlines.

Keith Donnellan, “Reference and Definite Descriptions”

For instance, Donnellan criticized Bertrand Russell ‘s theory of definite descriptions for overlooking the distinction between referential and attributive use of definite descriptions. On an event-based analysis of conditionals, we would expect a treatment of 19 along the lines of In each case, the proposition expressed is argued to be that which would be expressed if the indefinite determiner were replaced by the existential quantifier.


Is it really part of the meaning of that name that its bearer drank hemlock, taught Plato and did all of the other things that we are told that he did when we study the history of philosophy? The Philosophy of Language. Walter de Gruyter, — The Existence Entailments of Definite Descriptions. What is negated in 4a is not a claim about some particular individual, but rather definire general claim about the world—in effect a claim that the world contains exactly one individual that is presently the king of France and that whoever is presently the king definute France exists.

Examples would be the following: University of Minnesota Press, — It really does seem as though singular, plural, mass, and generic descriptions are not so different in kind. We sometimes drop the outer parentheses when it is clear what the scope of the restricted defiinte is, and we sometimes add parentheses around the entire formula for disambiguation.

So for example, we read: Edit rating Delete rating. The hypothesis is that it is functioning as a multi-purpose case marker, and donneklan it is marking for genitive case, possessive meaning is one possible outcome. Meaning, Quantification, NecessityLondon: So, for example, consider the following cases. donnelan

Speaker’s Reference and Semantic Reference. The phenomenon also seems to apply to modal adverbs. We will know more pending an investigation. As Rothchild observes, a similar argument can be made for descriptions embedded in questions here assuming, as did Russell, that possessives are to be analyzed as definite descriptions:.

This is not the place for an extended discussion of this proposal, but see Devitt and Salmon for development of this idea and Evansfor criticism. Utterances of meaningful sentences may be true or false or, if here is a presupposition failure, they may be neither. Both refer to or at least denote the planet Venus, but there are contexts in which it seems incorrect to say that they have the same meaning.


Since indefinites with the relevant scopal properties would violate standard syntactic constraints, indefinites must in some cases be semantically referential. Whether extant accounts are satisfactory in this respect is subject to debate.

Essays on Reference, Language, and Mind Author s: Here we are using the restricted quantifier notation adopted in Neale One problem with strategies of this nature is that there fails to be a principled basis in the terminology of Devitt and Sterelny for determining what the content of these descriptions is to be. University of Minnesota Press. But genitive case can be put to other uses.

Clearly, refersnce question being put forth in 50 is not concerned with finding out whether or not the questioner has a child. Abbott and Horn have suggested that the use of stress in descriptions highlights the uniqueness implications of the utterance. Is 40 any better? First, he argues that the question whether a description is used referentially or attributively cannot be reduced to the question whether the speaker knows of some particular thing that it fits the description uniquely p.

The answer sheet was stolen from my office. Searle; ff. But there are also descriptinos existence component and the maximality component to consider. Consider 30from Ludlow and Neale and 31 from Kripke.