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The city has three windmills. In the decades after the war, Doetinchem grew and in a few years had outgrown its “competitors” in the Achterhoek, namely DoesburgWinterswijk and Zutphen. The city has bizier indoor swimming pool, Rozengaarde.

Despite these defences, Doetinchem was besieged many times and during the Eighty Years’ War — was besieged and conquered twice.

Apart from the sieges mentioned above, in a large fire destroyed most of the city including the city archives which means that many earlier dates in the history of Doetinchem are somewhat unreliableand in most of the city was killed by plague. This information was then passed to the Allies. A few other important buildings in the city are the Amphion-Theaterthe Gruitpoorta big cultural centre, the Rietveld Lyceumthe biggest high school in Doetinchem and the Tax administration office.

InDoetinchem faced increasing danger from plunderers, and so the city wall was raised by a metre. Doetinchem receives four trains per hour to Arnhem Monday to Friday and there are always 2 trains per hour between Arnhem and Winterswijk. Actueel Hoogtebestand Nederland in Dutch. However, some prisoners were executed after being implicated in the shooting death in Putten of an important German officer by the Dutch Resistance and disastrously, in March and Aprilthe centre of Doetinchem was largely destroyed by Allied bombing which was either intended for nearby German towns or, as some say, was to destroy the German defenses in Doetinchem.

Roman coins have been found and there is also archaeological evidence of the Vikings having plundered the area. Views Read Edit View history. In April or May, a local evening four-day marathon is organized. The home of De Graafschap was completely revamped to transform it into an all-seater arena.


The city itself was liberated by The Calgary Highlanders in after a brief battle there. In a writer called Karel Berkhuysen researched about the Allied bombing. This makes Doetinchem the largest town by population in the Achterhoek.

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From its early years, Doetinchem had been an important marketplace for farmers to sell their wares; the market was held in the central square called the Simonsplein right up until the Second World War. He found that the Germans were researching nuclear fission in a converted school. The rail company is Syntus.

Which of the two is true has never really been clarified and there is still some discussion about the true intentions of the bombardment.

Although originally a Roman Catholic church, it became Dutch Reformed in Jewish cemetery of Doetichem. Retrieved from ” https: Retrieved 23 June Doetinchem has had its fair share of disasters. Wikivoyage has a travel guide for Doetinchem. Doetinchem has an annual street-theater festival Buitengewoon Extraordinaryand the City Festival, a big festival with musicacts, theatre, a carnival and fireworks.

It is known from archaeological finds of skulls, pottery shards, and flint arrowheads that the area was inhabited more than 11, years ago.

For a long time Doetinchem remained a small place but around it started to grow and, after suffering several attempts by plunderers, a town wall was built. Inthe city is still growing. Deutekem is a city and municipality in the east of the Netherlands. See also Netherlands Provinces Municipalities. Doetinchem has been connected to the Dutch national highway system since Novemberwhen the Zevenaar-Doetinchem section of Highway 15 A15 was opened.

The municipality had a population of 57, in and consists of an area of Doetinchem is served by rail services from Arnhem by the regional train to Winterswijk with two stations, one in the city centre — Doetinchem and Doetinchem De Huet lying to the west between the suburbs of De Huet and Dichteren. By building new district as het Loo and Isseldoksand the opening of a brand new theatre and cinema, Doetinchem is the biggest growing city in Gelderland.


Niels Joosten bc” in Dutch.


This page was last edited on 30 Novemberat Wehl was a separate municipality doetinchemms about 6, inhabitants, including Nieuw-Wehl until 31 Decemberwhen it merged with the municipality of Doetinchem. Since a four-day marathon is organised which starts and ends in Doetinchem and runs through the Achterhoek. Retrieved 12 March CBS Statline in Dutch. The marathon was held from 23 August to the 26th.

Even during the Second World War, Doetinchem came off fairly lightly at first; there was only a small German occupying force and the city even escaped the worst effects of the Hunger Winter. However, eventually the walls became seen as redundant or perhaps ineffective and inthey were torn down.

The municipality of Doetinchem consists of:. Municipality in Gelderland, Netherlands. These prehistoric hunters were followed by Celtic and Germanic tribes like the Franks and Saxons. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikivoyage. There were four barriers in the wall which, being weak points, were replaced over time by four large city-gates known as: Retrieved 27 October By using this site, cizier agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The local government organization in the Netherlands is complex and fine-grained see municipality and Govt Stats, [5] with municipalities being divided into various entities.