Kenku are a fictional race of bird-like, humanoid creatures in the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy roleplaying game. They have appeared in multiple editions in the. Benefit: You gain a +3 to attack rolls while flanking instead of +2, or you grant a + 3 bonus to attack rolls or skill checks when aiding another instead of the normal. So I signed up for D&Di to play with the character builder and noticed that Kenku is playable race. After reading a little bit about them online.

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For now, in the 1st Edition days, Kenku are mischevious creatures who habitually use their innate powers to annoy and inconvenience humans. Playing a Kenku 4e self.

Above all else, these Kenku wish to regain their ability to fly—every last one of them is described as being born with a desire to take to the air. The kenku most recently appears in the fifth edition in the Monster Manual[12] kdnku Dungeon Master’s Guide[13] and as a playable race in Volo’s Guide to Monsters.

It is a kenkj road, on one side is a high mountain, on the other a steep fall. Revenant – Shade – Vryloka. Do they try to mediate and help you a bit, or are you left to your own devices on how you get about?

Who has ACTUALLY played a kenku?

I’m so glad I found this thread! They can’t kfnku notes in new ways, but they can translate it from note to sound if they have the soundbank to draw from in their memory. Articles needing additional references from July All articles needing additional references Pages using deprecated image syntax. Whatever changed them, forced them to band together.

Tuesday, 15th May, I have only ever played Rangers and Fighters and would like to get away from both classes. A kenku can perfectly mimic familiar sounds, voices, and accents.


This page kenkk last modified on 27 Decemberat They had slight magic resistance and were typically treated as thieves and tricksters, with a neutral or chaotic alignment. They are said to have betrayed them, but then were caught and thrice-cursed. In 5th Edition, they are decidedly more ravenlike. It might come out sounding like one of those early text-to-speech computer programs, but I’d say they’d be able to do it, since it doesn’t involve any original thought on their part.

It’s be fun for them to not be able to read at all.

Kenku – Wikipedia

Their creativity was stolen from their souls—and their voices which once were capable of speech were taken from them. Zambrano November 29, The Kenku is almost pure ribbon abilities and have a major disability, it’s the only race that is worst designed then the Genasi which insanely and horrifically unbalanced.

They were stripped of their wings—the wings they once had withered and fell away. They have appeared in multiple editions in the game’s history [2] [3] [4] and became an official playable race in Volo’s Guide to Monsters. After reading a little bit about them online I’m excited to give one a try. My player speaks normally, we just keep it in mind that it might be slightly unsettling to NPC’s.

By the fickle finger of fate—whatever the case, the curses that govern the lives of each Kenku in 5th edition can be seen writ across the monster manual entries from 3rd edition onwards. Ironically, this cuthroat environment actually builds a very strong sense of loyalty in kenku; the constant competition for survival makes it integral to find allies who you can trust to stand by you. What makes a monster a monster?

Results 1 to 10 of I would argue that, in order to be able to read, they would need to know what the words they are reading sound like, so they ought to be able to say them out loud. How do you roleplay something that’s incapable of thinking for itself? Kenkus speak Common and their 4r language, Kenku. Kenku living in the eastern nations of Veldorn and Estagund trace their ancestry even farther east, to Kara-Tur.


In desperation, they prayed to the Demon Prince Pazuzu to save them, and he agreed to help them in exchange for their loyalty. What’s fun about it?

Playing a Kenku (4e) : DnD

So does Monster Manual 2 contain the rules for Kenku as a playable race or just the normal stat blocks? People understand that bird wizards are amazing. You should not rp it just as a “gray human with strange nose”.

As mentioned in Volo’s, it’s important to include the meaning of the sounds in your description, as players will often have a 4ee time deciphering what you’re trying to say. In their Ecology article, it’s said that kenkus began their existence as giant ravens who fell afoul of a plague, and took to stealing from humanoid races, for which they were hunted almost to extinction. Curiously, their description even reflects this, with the 2nd Edition Kenku described as having feathers that are predominately brown kenou white underfeathers an face markings, and eyes that are a brilliant yellow.

Find out what you can do. This article needs additional citations for verification. UnknownDyson gave XP for this post.