When James Gurney’s Dinotopia: A Land Apart from Time first appeared in , it was immediately hailed as a fully imagined world of the caliber of J. R. R. Posing as a 19th-century scientist’s travel sketchbook, this entertaining hybrid mates the visual appeal of the Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady with a Jules. New-York-Times Bestseller—First book in the series. Dinotopia: A Land Apart from Time, written and illustrated by James Gurney In , when uncharted.

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Altogether, this book is a wonder. What a gorgeous, magical, rich and utterly believable world Gurney has created. Kendall Moore Only Jumanji comes to mind. In the higher regions of the Forbidden Mountains a Himalaya-like mountain chainwoolly mammothsground slothschalicotheressaber-toothed catsand other prehistoric mammals can be found.

Even if this is claimed here. Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. The story is also wonderful and a great compliment. Jan 12, Sean rated it it was amazing.

For other uses, see Dinotopia disambiguation. The pictures are of good quality, the book has some nice ideas for example egg-shaped nests, the “chairs” etc. It was first written in the Dinotopian alphabet. This article, or section, may contain spoilers! The thrill of Dinotopia rests surprisingly little on the dinosaurs themselves. It’s their journey of getting to know the people, dinosaurs and their customs. New book goes back to ‘Dinotopia ‘ “. Mar 28, Msporter64 rated it it was amazing. World Science Fiction Society.

When James Gurney’s Dinotopia: Movements of faraway planets? The reason Dinotopia deserves five stars is that it rises above its seemingly ‘silly’ premise to make a book that will entertain and inspire people of any age.

I wish the Dinotopia message boards on the website were still a thing, since I miss the wonderful people I met there and our discussions about the book and the world Gurney created.


paart A Land Apart from Time first appeared init was immediately hailed as a fully imagined world of the caliber of J. No one has entered the World Beneath for centuries, but Arthur intends to do so. At the end, the ruby sunstone is lost, a new romance is suggested between Arthur and Oriana, and Crabb is placed under guard by a pair of Stygimoloch.

Dinotopia: a Land apart from Time

Pterosaurs are also common, especially the Quetzalcoatlus landdwhich serve as steeds for the skybax messenger riders. Dinotopia is the fictional journal kept by Arthur Denison, a turn of the century scientist and explorer, when he and his son, Will, are shipwrecked on an island the world never knew: The next day, Arthur, Bix, and a handful of the Emperor’s selected entertainers arrive at the dunotopia of and greet Rita Rose and Jeffer, an orphaned Europasaurus hatchling who has lost the ability to walk.

The book is written in the style of a nineteenth century scientist’s field journal, which only adds to the fun. My favorite thing about this book is the wonderful drawn pictures and how detailed the book is.

Og der er endda et dinosaur-alfabet og dinosaur-sange med noder! Training alongside Will is a girl called Sylvia, with whom Will falls in love. Break out the grenades, cavewomen, and giant apes, right? Nov 01, Csenge rated it it was amazing. Gurney’s premise — of an undiscovered island where a race of mystical humans co-exists in harmony with intelligent dinosaurs — has been since reiterated over and over in numerous films and by scores of other writers. In the TV mini-series, the 11th code began with Fin The artwork is superb and intricately detailed and the storytelling assured and I was obsessed with dinosaurs when I was a child and although I’ve had this book since then and have seen bits and pieces of the TV show based on it, I’d never actually read the book until now.


This is a wonderful book for children’s imaginations! They’re marooned on an island trapped in time, where dinosaurs not only still roam but live in concert with people.

James Gurney — Dinotopia: A Land Apart From Time — 20th Anniversary Edition

In this fantastic world, humans and Dinosaurs “Saurians” live together in harmony, in a beautifully cultured lanf fertile utopia. Soon after that, they make their way to the capital city of Chandara. Dihotopia Land Apart from Time and Dinotopia: This unabridged, expanded edition includes 30 additional pages, including a new Foreword by paleontologist Michael Brett-Surman and an Afterword by the author with over 40 behind-the-scenes sketches and photos.

Retrieved from ” http: The Hatchery is a place where dinosaurs are born, tended by both dinosaurs and humans. At the Earth’s Core. They stop by the ruins of Ebulon, where Arthur finds Will and Sylvia preparing for an air-jousting tournament.

Please remove this notice if this has been done. In addition, there is the Northern Plains at its northern coast. Had I come across this book in my teens, I would have been completely invested. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

A Land Apart from Time This was easily one of the most formative books of my childhood; every time I re-read it I get a lovely warm glow of nostalgia.

Oct 02, Andrew rated it really liked it.