Author’s address: Josef Dalik, katedra matematiky a deskriptivni geometrie atiky a deskriptivni geometrie strojni fakulty VUT, Technicka 2, 69 Brno, Czech. Rozvrh předmětu Deskriptivní geometrie (design) v zimním semestru a. r. / 15 [en], Design – Descriptive geometry, Courses, Department of. Found it Kolomajzlik found Deskriptivni geometrie. Monday, July 25, Jihomoravský kraj, Czechia.

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Kluwer Academic Publishers, pp. Issue 3 First Online: Nevertheless, we aim at low degree deskriptivnj, and therefore, we choose the lowest possible n in any case. We suggest certain explanations.

Journal of Mathematical Psychology, 15, pp. Dualization yields cones which are the envelopes of triples of mutually orthogonal planes. Konstytucja Rzeczpospolitej Polskiej z dnia 2 kwietnia r.

Starting with a re-formulation deskriptivhi metrical quantities in n-dimensional affine space using linear algebraic tools, we can then talk about visualising geometric objects in n-dimensional space. An actual problem affected by the precision of positioning geodetic points using new GNSS technologies in coordinate systems is the precision of the map projection.

The normal or orthogonal quadratic cones have circular sections being orthogonal to vertex generators. Consequently the polynomial surfaces of a given degree with polynomial area element can be constructed from the prescribed normal fields solving a system of linear equations.

Analytical hierarchy process AHP.

Equilateral quadratic cones are characterized by a vanishing trace. Book 1, Science and technologies in geology. Sign in to annotate. We also analyze the approximation degree of this kind of dual approximation. Determination of the zone endangered by methane explosion in goaf with caving of operating longwalls.

Deskriptivní geometrie II pro 2. ročník SPŠ stavebních. Autor: Musálková

Thank to the addition, basing on the image, it will be possible to figure out geometrical features of the photographed object. Except for the most simple loci such as lines, circles or possibly conics, this topic is not contained in most geometry texts. Handbook of convex geometry.


The deskriptivbi function is thus not regular and typically multivalued.

Rozvrh předmětu Deskriptivní geometrie (design) v zimním semestru a. r. 2014/15 [en]

The aim of this paper is to show the role of geometry and mathematics in the cartography and different options for access to the distortions of the territory, such as optimization of extreme value of distortion, summing and integral criterion on area territory, in some case using criterion with the requirement of a minimum mean value of scale distortion in a given area.

The corresponding conics are the spherical analogues of Thales circles. The known algebraic description lacks geometric intuition or interpretation behind. Authors want to present the basic concepts of tensigrity structures which are described in the original patents and on the base of this present the realization of tensigrity structures which were realized in architecture.

But this new idea was described, almost at the same time, by three patents prepared by three diferent authors – the scientist, the artist and the architect. The concept of choosing an infinite hyperplane is used for making hypothesis in an affine space to solve projective problems and vice-versa. User Account Sign in to save searches and organize your favorite content.

If cones of this type are tangent to a regular quadric then their apices are located on a sphere. Very often, in technical practice, we meet the concept of oval. De Gruyter – Sciendo. When geometrically analyzing an already built building, it is very difficult to distinguish whether an oval was constructed using circles or ellipses.

Choice of cartographic projection is determined by the geometrical characteristics of the territory and choice criteria for distortion of map elements. The first tensegrity structure was constructed in by Kenneth Snelson, deskriptivji young student of art. Tschirnhaus used this idea for constructing tangents of curves defined by a finite set of focal points and constant weighted sum geoketrie distances from these focal points.


Therefore, the question arises, what are the conditions which a figure should fulfil to visualise what an author aims at.

Each point of space has two points assigned, that come from projections of the given point in the defined directions. A scaling method for priorities in hierarchical structures. The standard examples for such theorems are the Theorem of Pythagoras and the Theorem of Desargues concerning perspective triangles.

Metody statystyczne w badaniach marketingowychPWN, Warszawa, We show that for a rational surface the Gram determinant of its tangent space is a perfect square if and only if the Gram determinant of its normal space is a perfect square. All the time the idea of tensigrity structure is focusing attention of scientists connected with architecture. Computer Aided Geometric Design 27, — The technique we use applies to both types of surfaces, because they can be represented as curves within the afore mentioned quadrics.

Such a phenomenon was experienced e. But there are many others, too. We geomefrie this function using an implicit algebraic equation and the rational Puiseux series of its branches. Hermite interpolation by hypocycloids and epicycloids with rational offsets. Management Systems in Production Engineering.

Rotační plochy

Issue 1 First Online: This reveals that in general ellipsoids are still movable within a fixed circumscribed box. Map projections are coming out of geometric expression of properties of reference surfaces of Earth using methods of differential geometry, as well as of relation between two linear manifolds – reference ellipsoid and map plane.

Multidisciplinary Aspects of Production Engineering. Therefore, the lecture takes up the cudgels on behalf of a solid education in Geometry, including Descriptive Geometry.