Desertion — Ch. 4 (Clifford D. Simak, ). It was not the Jupiter he had known through the televisor. He had expected it to be different, but not. Desertion — Ch. 1 (Clifford D. Simak, ). Four men, two by two, had gone into the howling maelstrom that was Jupiter and had not returned. Simak, C.D., , Desertion, in Rabkin, E.S. (ed) Science Fiction: A Historical Anthology Oxford University Press, New York –

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He felt a higher call of destiny, a greatness of adventure. Living with the environment. It was timely for me. Mar 12, Peter Tillman rated it it was amazing.


What will my younger readers make of it? The head of the program may have no moral option but to change tack. It’s by far my favorite Simak short that I’ve read so far. Known for his pastoral SF, he often eschewed the easy narrative tool of violence.

These notes were specially written for the book, and serve as a bridging story of their own. Wikipedia in English None. The story challenges our biased perspective of ‘lesser creatures’ in that they may possibly be more existential and clearer of purpose than we are. The amoral Joe, tiring of the game, kicks over the anthill.

This goes beyond post-humanism in its subversion of human existence, the characters are not concerned with what it means to be human, but have rather found a more ideal existence outside human experience. Through a futuristic machine Fowler and his dog are turned into Lopers. I became progressively angrier and the story neared the end because nobody out of the seven explorers sent out could be bothered to even send a message back to base about what was going on.


Simak’s vision of human apocalypse is unusual, not one of destruction, but simply of isolation.

“Desertion” – Transhumanism and science fiction

Eventually, the ants form an industrial society in their hill. The pace of the story really drags, despite it being fairly short. No library descriptions found.

But it counts as sci-fi, too. Breaking through the wall of the city, he sees nothing but infinitely repeated versions of a single sculpture; a human boot kicking over an anthill.

Ten dlifford years in the future, Jenkins is provided with a new body so he can better serve the few desegtion “websters”. Amazon Kindle 0 editions. Poorly equipped for thinking, poorly equipped in certain sense that one has to have to know. Jenkins is saddened because he realizes the Dogs will never accept this solution.

Not the most factual of stories, but enjoyable none-the-less. Bob rated it really liked it Aug 22, But if I imagine it is another planet somewhere else I can suspend my disbelief for the story.

Desertion by Clifford D. Simak

No trivia or quizzes yet. Niko Nikolaev rated it it was amazing Apr 12, desedtion Simak Although not well known today a phrase variations of which will come up over and over in the prefaces to this seriesbefore his death in Clifford Simak was considered one of the great names of science fiction. Janalee rated it it was amazing Feb 10, Members Reviews Popularity Average rating Conversations 15 14. Men permanently transformed to survive unaided on Jupiter’s surface leave the station to gather data and inexplicably fail to return.


Desertion by Clifford D. Simak | LibraryThing

There is an underlying theme throughout the book that humans possess a fundamental aggressive flaw they will never be able to overcome. The stories were written in the post—World War II world, and reflect the attitude that humans are unable to live at peace with their fellow beings. LdSe rated it it was amazing Jun 14, Towser’s fleas and irritations are gone and he is able to talk telepathically to his former master.

Hydroponic farming and decentralized power allow small communities to become self-sufficient. Depending on what radius ground level was at, Jupiter could have a truly immense area to explore, enough to fill lifetimes without ever going back to revisit anything. The head of the program may have no moral desertiin but to change tack.