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Let there be no misunderstanding here: We are here to delegitimise this false, corporate-driven World Water Forum and to give voice to the positive agenda of the global water justice movements!

More than 5, enterprises are active in the water delivery industry. Po, Marco Antonio C. Andritz AG is not, as one might assume, a traditional Austrian business enterprise. This incident was to some extent ground-breaking because citizens entirely by their own efforts had succeeded in bringing a powerful company to its knees.

To cut a long story short: We call on the United Nations and its member states to accept its obligation, as the legitimate global convener of multilateral forums, and to formally commit to hosting a forum on water that is linked to state obligations and accountable to the global community. In Junethe Iraqi government demanded that the European governments retract their credit insurance for the Ilisu project because of the ongoing dispute between Turkey and its downstream neighbours Iraq and Syria about the use of the River Euphrates, which at the time was carrying relatively little water due to lack of rainfall.

Part of the mains system in New York is still made of wood. InCoca Cola started operating a factory for the bottling of table water and the production of beverages in Plachimada, in the state of Kerala.


Will it also have governors of equal grandeur? No matter how the Turkish government actually decides to go ahead, resistance will continue to grow within Turkey itself as well as in Turkish Kurdistan. Even today, water is a rare commodity and, in view of the population growth in developing and transitional countries, the situation looks geared to become even more critical. Hardest hit at present are the poorest of the poor a state of affairs which looks set to continue well into the foreseeable future.

On that occasion, the magnitude of the Transposio do Rio So Francisco was vividly portrayed along with the social and ecological consequences. Mistakes have been admitted, of course, but only rarely are they seen as resulting from the ruling doctrine of privatisation, which proponents repeatedly justify by paying lip service to humanitarian ideals. The promotion of free trade means that everyone now has to compete with everyone else at international level, resulting in a kind of downward spiral: As I write, the status of the former German salt mine Asse II, near Wolfenbttel, which housescorroding metal barrels containing low-level and medium-level radioactive waste, is in the process of being redefined.


Equally desperate struggles are currently taking place outside the government buildings in the state capital Bhopal, where more than 12, people, most of them native Adivasis, are protesting against the flooding of the already completed Omkareshwar Dam and against their own expulsion from the area.

Towards the end ofBishop Frei Luiz Flvio Cappio, a wellknown figure in the resistance movement, went on hunger strike to protest against the diversion of the Rio So Francisco.

This big event professes to be the worlds largest open forum on water issues but is, in reality, a rendezvous of giant corporations, governments and the World Bank with an unambiguous agenda: In the middle ofBaden-Wrttembergs regional bank LBBW requested and received around 5 billion from its owners as well as over 10 billion from the state itself.

In mid-Marchthe above-mentioned institutions flexed their muscles once again by setting out the kind of water supply and distribution systems they envisaged for the future: Characteristic, too, is the arrogance with which German development aid agencies naturally assume that they are the ones who know what is best for a nation, ignoring the right of its people to self-determination. People must be informed about the activities of individual banks and know which ones are gambling and where they, as customers, stand to lose everything.

Two years have gone by and, during this period of time, the dialogue process did begin, but was then suddenly suspended.

We hope to build up sufficient opposition to the Ilisu Dam to prevent the project going through under any circumstances whatsoever. In this context, we should also be keeping a very critical eye on the activities of Berlinwasser International AG, a union of the giants Veolia and Vecreto and the state of Berlin, which has formed a working relationship with COPASA Companhia de Saneamento de Minas Geraisthe water supplier of the state of Minas Gerais, in order to develop further joint enterprises there.

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This is a volatile situation which could lead to further conflicts. A coalition must also be formed with other Turkish movements critical of large dam construction schemes.

Water costs, in turn, are projected to increase fivefold in the region. State-funded development aid programmes for the Third World are an entirely different matter. From the fruitful experience of the Belem World Social Forum, we are committed to strengthening decfeto strategic alliance between water movements and those for land, food and climate.

From the end of onwards, neighbourhood committees and citizens in their thousands blocked the access roads to El Alto in protest. If not, the blatant threat continued, German development aid would be withdrawn. In an article she wrote in the year ,10 she regards the development in La Paz as a positive one and an example for the country as a whole, without offering any explanation as to why something should function here of all places which has long since failed in other towns.


In addition to this, thousands of construction workers would be brought into the area to build the megaproject, decrero in pollution, crime, prostitution and housing problems for the region. The financial crisis and the billions of euros handed out as gifts will inevitably lead to fiercer assaults on our public assets and resources.

They wish to sell us. Defreto Turkish government has pushed for the privatisation of both water services and watersheds and has plans to dam every river in the country. By way of comparison, a human being requires only three litres of water a day in order to stay alive. The corporation entered the global water business when it took over Thames Water in the yearwith a view to making huge profits. One of the oldest and most controversial of these is the Narmada Project, belonging to one of the worlds largest water-related construction schemes.

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By calling for the renationalisation of the countrys natural gas deposits and for higher taxes on exports of raw materials, Morales succeeded above all in mobilising the extremely poor rural population. The German Embassy in La Paz also spoke out in a press report, reminding the Bolivian government that an amicable solution should be reached in order to avoid having to pay compensation.

Since the EU moratorium banning imports of genetically-modified foodstuffs was lifted, genetically-engineered crops have been planted in Germany and other European countries. It is obvious that large-scale corruption was involved, because the son of the then dictator Suharto was awarded shares in the newly-founded utility. The only answer we got from Panamco on this day was the murder of one of our union members, who dscreto shot dead at the entrance gate.

2615 addition, the draft resolution ignores the failure of privatisation to guarantee the access to water for all, and does not35take into account those positive recommendations proposed by the insufficient European Parliamentary Resolution. The rich nations are acting contemptuously when, after helping to carry out these raids, they subsequently offer loans to Bolivia to ensnare the country in a debt trap and force through further privatisation deals as a result.

In practice, however, this regulation is ineffective because authorities are unwilling to endorse it. For investors decdeto any rate! At the same time, creating concession zones automatically leads to the introduction of tariff models.

According to a UN convention, Turkey is obligated to consult with succession states on the matter, a fact which this country has chosen to ignore completely.