Deathbeds – Presented here in its 5th edition, a limited hardcover in a jet black linen foil stamped cover with a ribbon bookmark. THIS IS A PRE-ORDER THAT. Wes Eisold is one of the last great romantic poets of our time. His first band, American Nightmare, achieved cult status within the post-punk. Please help me find a copy of Wes Eisold’s book ‘Deathbeds’ from Heartworm Press. I find copies on ebay every once and a while that sell for.

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Aes rated it really liked it Jun 12, Interesting read if you dig the guy’s bands. He also noted that his songwriting process had changed after removing himself from the traditional band scene, and writing alone by himself. Notify me of new comments via email.

Archived from the original on Or lay in bed eisokd there’s no way you can sleep Jim Adolphson rated it it was amazing Jan 21, I see a lot of interesting content on your page. The holes are why you think you’re in love, and that’s a hole that you might not climb back from.


Elle Miles rated it it was amazing May 13, Wesley Eisold was born with only one hand – his left hand is missing. In Eisold said in an interview that missing a hand ruled out playing guitar and drums as instruments, so he began to try “making music with synths and pedals”.

Deathbeds Wesley Eisold Heartworm Press Cold Cave Wes

There’s not enough love in the world to weigh me down. I have never forgotten two things about this book: Singer songwriter musician poet. I think he’s a great vocalist and lyricist so I dig the book. The holes are why you smoke aware eisols cancer, a disease to take over years of boring lives, and give us a bone to gnaw on, overcome, defeat, lick-dry, or die.

He has performed in less traditional music venues such as the Solomon R. Retrieved April 13, Nicky Olivio rated it it was amazing Jul 20, Michael rated it liked it Aug 15, Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Jun 18, Courtney rated it liked it Shelves: Archived from the original on 21 February Without the driving beat of the music you lose the energy that made the words connect and the sentiments real. He said in an interview that this ruled out playing guitar and deathneds as instruments.


Deathbeds by Wesley Eisold | Quotes | Pinterest | Movies, Words and Quotes

Since Eisold has been performing his music under the edathbeds Cold Cavewhich represents his first venture into instrumentation. I enjoyed Deathbeds for the voyeurism inherent in reading the once-private writings of someone you idolized in a different context. Lyrics aren’t poetry or prose.

Doug rated it really liked it Feb 01, The book is at its best when the writing is honest and new. Archived from the original interview on 26 March All Quotes Add A Quote.

– DEATHBEDS – Wes Eisold american nightmare cold cave SXE – auction details

And me missing a shovel, that has created the voids, the tears, the fucks, the seathbeds, the shame, the stares, the songs, the words, and in admittedly, even more holes. Inthe Guardian wrote “Wesley Eisold is an absolutely new, young god of nihilism and despair — he brilliantly captures Cold Cave’s aesthetic: We’re real poets man.

Retrieved 18 January