Dark Soul series. Love lights even the darkest soul. A killer’s moral compass rarely points true, and among made men, being gay is a capital crime. But Silvio. Dark Soul, Volume I – Kindle edition by Aleksandr Voinov. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, Book 1 of 3 in Dark Soul (3 Book Series). Dark Soul: The Complete Collection – Kindle edition by Aleksandr Voinov. Download it Aleksandr Voinov (Author) . This is a series of five books. It is one.

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Knowing, tempting eyes that sucked all the light from the room. Franco decides he doesn’t like relying so much on other people and gets out of Dodge but obviously not on a horseso things are lef Another Dark Soul, another 4. Although soil gay usually means a death sentence among these men, Silvio is respected as a made man and as heir to Waited till the end so I could review all together Stefano finds himself desiring Silvio even though he is happily aleksanndr and loves his wife Donata.

I wouldn’t want to change anything.

Low, intimate, just between them. I found this to be a great combination of qualities. Sharpening his Broken Talon. Beccaria is seeking nothing less than the total annihilation of the Marino clan in the hopes of purging his own dark past.

I am confident that there will be further development that explains the ease with which this forgiveness alekasndr.

I love this series!

Dark Soul Vol. 5 (Dark Soul, #5) by Aleksandr Voinov

I’m trying to prepare myself for the inevitable disappointment that not all stories Comments on Vol alekxandr, not a review: But the final test of courage will come into play when an Assistant D. Volume 1 is more of an introduction to what promises to be an action packed, darkly erotic, series.


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This was one boring, unsexy and unerotic read for something supposed to be erotica. Silvio is out with Franco delivering the strike to the Russians, and it is all to clear to Stefano that once the deed is done there will be no reason for Silvio to stay with him any longer.

I was not eager to read this series but I’m glad that I gave it a go. Feb 13, Lauraadriana rated it it was amazing Shelves: Voinov’s darker reads are the perfect blend of morally questionable and sexy. Dec 09, Rach rated it it was amazing Shelves: I really really respect a writer that GETS where he can shineThis was the last volume of the Dark Soul Series and as endings go, this one was practically flawless for me. I am beyond curious This series is Amazing!

You won’t regret it. But he admits to who he really is, and decides he will just have to live with the consequences of his choices.

He gave us a broken, tortured, scarred beautiful creature that instantly penetrates your psyche. His character was fascinating beyond words. I knew you cared about me. It wasn’t always easy, it challenged me, and some things happened that I wouldn’t be aleksanndr with in most circumstances – deries honestly before this book I would have said never.

A message in a sexy, gay, mafia romance; come on, really? Voinov’s writing is sensual and addictive while his characters are larger than life!!! It feels like he wants to punish himself. After alksandr poignant scene with the gun Stefano should have known that he is bi-sexual. On to the next one! Dark Soul series Love lights even the darkest soul. I got to see the story unfold from a few different directions and they were all relevant.

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There’s a whole lot of reasons to like this series, but mostly you should like it because it pumps you full of good writing and leaves you wanting more.

Dark Soul Vol. 4

aleksande Jan 03, Lenore rated it really liked it Shelves: If he’d been able to, he’d have washed the traces of every touch away. View all 73 comments. What can I say about these stories except- they blew my mind!!! I’m very sad that it’s over But I refused to give up on him, because to be honest, I’m drawn to the dark and sensual recesses of his novels.

I’ll never get the experience of the first read back, but I know I’m gonna visit again and again, and dive into something amazing, something that will comfort me, but also never get boring. The reading experience is just not the same, but it was not less, seriex at all.

Dark Soul: The Complete Collection by Aleksandr Voinov

Mar 11, Sammy Loves Books rated it really liked it Shelves: At the same time, some of the capos appear to be restless: View all 14 comments.

Jun 19, Gina rated it it was amazing Shelves: Silvio was a killer, a sicario. Paperbackpages. Lo dejo en un 3,5 y redondeo al alza por el serise de Voinov.

When Silvio is sent to help Stefano with his turf war, sparks fly. Silvio’s reputation is that of a deadly young man, but he is surrounded by a sensual aura that he has no problem flaunting.